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Students’ Council

15th Student Council Investiture

Anderson Secondary School Fun fair Carnival Booth 2015

Orientation 2015

Teachers’ Day 2015

Dinner and Dance 2015

The Anderson Student Council is a representative voice for the student population in Anderson Secondary School. It works in partnership with the school management, teachers, parents and students for the benefit of the school and its students. They are the dedicated stewards who tirelessly commit many hours of hard work to ensure the smooth running of various events and activities that have an impact on the student body. Academically, they hold high standards to achieve stellar results consistently.

Completed Events:
Euphoria 2015
It all started in the early wake of December 2014 where the councillors ensured the smooth running of the Secondary One registration. As school reopened, the fresh faces of Anderson Secondary School were greeted by both the Student Councillors and the Orientation Group Assistants (OGAs). Through three days of team-bonding activities, the Secondary One students became assimilated into the new environment. The campfire finale to the one week long orientation witnessed the talented and creative showcase of our Secondary One students.

Forest adventure
Students go through high element course, ranging from climbing through tree logs, zip line across the reservoir and even a free fall component. This helps to build confident students to lead and serve the school better.

Student Council Investiture
This year’s theme was “Kaleidoscope”, chosen to reinforce the commitment and servant leadership of the councillors to serve the school better. On this day, the student councillors are reminded of humility and the responsibility entrusted onto them to serve the school.

Anderson Secondary School Fun fair Carnival Booth 2015
Councillors stepped forward and volunteered their services during the fun fair to host a booth. Funds raised went to the needy pupil funds.

Photo Booth 2015
In conjunction with Youth Day, a self-initiated project by councillors materialised. A photo booth was set up at the Inspire Town and students were able to take free Polaroid pictures and have fun with their friends to commemorate this day.

Teachers’ Day 2015
This annual celebration saw the hard work of our teachers being recognised with thoughtful gifts of love from students. The performance segment showcases the Andersonians talents and more importantly allowed Andersonians to express their gratitude towards their teachers. Teachers’ Day 2015 included a special segment where the students did an original song.

Design Thinking 2015
Councillors were involved in a design thinking module where they learn skills on how identify, plan, interview and solve problems. They then embark on a project to solve a problem and presented it to the school leaders.

Challenge Shield
A healthy class competition within the school. Classes compete with each other through various class competitions throughout the year. This range from most decorated class in each term to sales of fun fair tickets.

Dinner and Dance 2015
A highly anticipated event for all graduation students organised by councillors. Students dress up and attend the dinner and dance to celebrate their hard work over the years in Anderson Secondary school.

Vision: Soaring to greater heights
Motto: To lead, to care, to serve

15th Anderson Student Council Executive Committee:

President: Lim Ting Yu Bernice (3/6)
Vice-President: Seah Ning, Charlotte (3/1)
Secretary-General: Teo Sze Min Crystal (3/2)
Treasurer-General: Nephele Ng Yun Ting (3/3)
Teachers’ Day Head: Saw Sze Jie (3/3)
Special Project Heads: Seah Yu Qin (3/5)
Orientation Head: Ho Wei Xuan, Nicholas (3/3)
Investiture Head: Lynette Chia Sze Min (3/2)
Culture Comm Head: Heng Shi Quan (3/7)
Media Comm Head: Iman Jehazeb (3/2)
Internal/External Affairs Head : Toh Pei Xuan (3/8)

Mr Stephen Ng, i/c
Ms Syazwani
Mrs Elizabeth Chan
Mr Andrew Lee