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A confident speaker and critical thinker who respects others and is well informed about world issues.


To develop in all Andersonians fluency, confidence, intellectual curiosity, thirst for global knowledge and respect for others.


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Year Head Upper Secondary
Subject Head English Language

Subject Head Publicity

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Subjects offered by Department

  1. English Language
  2. English Literature
  3. Drama

Key programmes of Department

Drama based on Reading


All Secondary 1 and 2 students are exposed to the Drama based on Reading Programme. In these two years, Andersonians are equipped with real-world skills such as teamwork, critical thinking and problem solving. This programme is aimed at making students become more confident presenters and curious thinkers. Our lower secondary students are subsequently able to showcase their talent in making their own skits during the year-end Arts Festival.

Theatre Exposure


All Secondary 2 students are exposed to an external theatre production. This programme enables students to reap significant benefits in the form of knowledge, tolerance, empathy, critical thinking and future cultural consumption.

Literature Festival - Shakespeare's Birthday


Here is an opportunity for our upper secondary Literature students to get their creative juices flowing as they are given the opportunity to put on a performance to celebrate Shakespeare’s Birthday. Students can either perform scenes from any of the Shakespearean plays or read his wonderful sonnets.

Oral Communication - The Toastmasters Programme

For our students to be future-ready, they need to be equipped with effective communication skills. This programme aims to develop the Secondary 3 students’ ability to communicate, persuade and present to others effectively through the acquisition and development of public speaking skills.

Inter-class Debate

Our Secondary 3 students are able to display their linguistic prowess at the Inter-Class English Debate competition held during the Education for Living (EFL) session. Following the new structure of the World Debating Championships, 4 representatives will be selected from each class and will be taken through rigorous rounds of verbal battle.

Bursting with opinions and compelling views on current affairs and other relevant issues, our debators will be generating much thought-provoking views and stirring comments. This activity provides good ground for our students to build their self-confidence and it is also an excellent opportunity for them to enhance their public speaking skills.

Awards and Achievements of Department

UNSW Competitions

In 2016, our students participated in the Writing Competition as well as the English Competition organised by University of New South Wales. We are proud that in the Writing category, 170 students participated, 8 students achieved High Distinction and 39 students achieved Distinction awards. Here are the students who achieved the High Distinction awards in the Writing category:

    1. Tammy Tan
    2. Jon Tagle
    3. Keng Xin Yi
    4. Brenda Hang
    5. Claudia-Skye, Lee Xin
    6. Bernice Lim
    7. Yu You Jing
    8. Quek Li Yang, was also awarded a medal from UNSW for his achievements.

In the English (Vocabulary) category, 218 students participated and the school was awarded 7 High Distinction and 37 Distinction awards. The High Distinction award winners are as follows:

    1. Jon Tagle
    2. Felicia Chan
    3. Leong Kit Yee
    4. Liew Shan Ping
    5. Wong Zi Yang
    6. Andrea Goh
    7. Quek Li Yang, was also awarded a medal from UNSW for his achievements.
PESA Competition

Wong Zhi from Sec 3/4 came in 7th in the Plain English Speaking Award at the national level in Term 3 in 2016.

National Reading Challenge Workshop

In January 2016, a select group of Secondary 3 Literature students attended an improvisational storytelling workshop sponsored by the National Library Board. During these sessions, they learnt about the stage and how to be expressive through their voice, facial expressions and movements. Additionally, they experimented with many improvisational acting techniques and learnt the importance of teamwork and thinking on their feet while performing.

Arts Festival


During the Arts Festival, the Secondary Three Literature students performed a psychological thriller entitled 'The ALIVE museum' - where 'selling your soul' to a job takes on a literal meaning. With statues that come alive and a sinister curator who is on a constant lookout for a new assistant, the audience thoroughly enjoyed themselves.