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Excellence in the teaching and learning of Mathematics to nurture self-directed Mathematics learners and analytical problem solvers


To steer the direction of the Mathematics department with the following aims for our Andersonians:

Learn to learn
Enjoy Mathematics
Appreciate & apply
Reflect on learning
Never give up


Head of Department

Subject Head

Year Head Lower Secondary

Assistant Year Head Lower Secondary

Senior Teacher


Subjects offered by Department

  1. Mathematics
  2. Additional Mathematics

Key programmes of Department

Singapore Mathematical Olympiad (SMO) Training
The Mathematics department engages vendor to provide training to higher ability students to compete in the prestigious SMO competition. These students will also have the opportunity to participate in other competitions related to Mathematics.
    • In the classroom:
      • Metacognition: Our teachers provide students with the opportunity to solve non-routine and open-ended problems, to discuss their solutions, to think aloud and reflect on what they are doing and to keep track of how things are going.
      • Learning Experience: Cognitive and metacognitive process skills are learned through carefully constructed learning experiences. For each of the topic that our teachers teach, the learning experiences focus on the mathematical processes and skills that are integral parts of learning of that topic and these experiences provide the students the opportunities to:
        • Take notes and organise information meaningfully;
        • Practise basic mathematical skills to achieve mastery;
        • Use feedback from assessment to improve learning;
        • Solve novel problems using a repertoire of heuristics;
        • Discuss, articulate and explain ideas to develop reasoning skills; and carry out a modelling project.

Awards and Achievements of Department

    • Singapore Mathematics Olympiad (5 Gold, 12 Silver, 10 Bronze)
    • Australia Mathematics Competition (13 Gold, 30 Silver, 52 Bronze)
    • Normal Course Competition (Champion for 5N Individual Category, First Runner Up for 5N Team Category)
    • Hwa Chong Institution Maths Quest (1st, 2nd and 4th position for Individual Category, 1st place for Team Category)
    • Behras Competition (5 Gold, 12 Silver, 10 Bronze) University of New South Wales Math Competition (22 Gold, 31 Silver, 24 Bronze