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Principal's Message

When I first joined Anderson Secondary School in late 2021, I was heartened by the warm welcome I received from the staff and students. I could already sense, even from my brief interactions with students, and from my observations of the activities that took place before the school vacation started, that this is a truly supportive community of learners who make it a point to remain kind and helpful to one another in their diverse endeavours. I am honoured to be able to build on the good work done by my predecessors, to continue to grow the next generation of Andersonians who understand the need to be cAring in action and Noble in character. Indeed, several renowned writers and global leaders have reassured us that in this world of accelerated change, it is precisely such human qualities that will allow us to harness the power of technology purposefully, and add value to society. 

I am also encouraged by the love for learning that Andersonians have demonstrated through their engagement in and out of the classroom. Whether it be through their love for a subject discipline, their commitment to their co-curricular activities, or their enthusiasm for exploring new pursuits during the sabbatical experiences that the school provides, Andersonians Dare to venture to new learning horizons, and strive to Excel to the best of their ability, even outside of their comfort zone. The Covid-19 pandemic and the ripple effects it has caused have shown us that our plans and preparations can often go awry, and that we can’t expect to succeed by sticking to a tried-and-tested script. While a strong foundation in literacy and numeracy remains important, it is our passion for continual learning that will ensure that we adapt, evolve, and remain resilient in a world of new opportunities. Together, my colleagues and I will continue to provide a nurturing and vibrant environment where our students can develop as lifelong learners. 

2022 Highlights 

I am happy to share that the school will embark on our Full Subject-Based Banding (FSBB) journey in 2022. All our Secondary 1 students will be in mixed form classes, and will take subjects such as PE, Art, Music, Design & Technology, Food & Consumer Education, and Character & Citizenship Education together in these form classes. They will attend lessons for the other subjects in different classes, based on the levels at which they take these respective subjects. Through FSBB, our students will be able to spend more time together with peers with a variety of strengths and interests, thereby further developing their respect for the multiplier effect of collaboration, and increasing their versatility in learning across contexts. 

Despite the restrictions that have been necessitated by the pandemic, we have many exciting learning experiences planned for all our students in the new year, ranging from STEM learning and enrichment programmes, to inter-class sporting events, to applied learning attachments in tertiary education institutions. Through these opportunities, our students will be given platforms to make their thinking visible, discuss ideas, consider others’ perspectives, reflect on their takeaways, and engage in creative problem-finding and solving. Above all, we will continue to support them in their growth as Thinkers, Innovators and Leaders who make a difference for the greater good.  

Ms Tan Po Chin