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Students’ Council

Anderson Student Council. To lead. To care. To serve. 

As a representative voice for the student population in Anderson Secondary School, our councillors work in partnership with the school management, teachers, parents and students for the betterment of the school in fostering a more dynamic, student-centric environment.

Being the role models of the student body to emulate, councillors will spearhead initiatives and, through active dialogues with the students and teachers, propose solutions in creating a conducive positive school for all to be in. The councillors also are the dedicated stewards who tirelessly commit many hours of hard work to ensure the smooth running of various events and activities which will create positive impacts on the student body. 

At Anderson Student Council, we train our student leaders to be effective leaders, ready to take on any task given to them through the use of the leadership challenge (TLC) which uses (MICEE). MICEE includes the following: 

M​odel the way to be role models and set the standard for all other students to look up to;
I​nspire a shared vision where they build the student body to form a cohesive, unified school identity;
C​hallenge the process and be ready to take on tasks in an innovative and endeavouring attitude;
E​nable others to act where they work as a dedicate team and allow all to have an active role;
E​ncourage the heart where they help each other through the journey in achieving the dream of a greater, unified Anderson culture 

Completed Events

Friends of Singa (FOS) 2017
Our councillors will embark on the annual FOS challenge where they will create and actively promote kindness within the school environment. Through the use of design thinking in this year long project, the councillors used the inventive method of Kingo (Kindness-on-the-Go in the form of a bingo board) to promote kindness amongst Andersonians. Through their hardwork and commitment to making a better caring school, the team was awarded the most inspiring social etiquette initiatives.

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Euphoria 2018
For the third year running, our councillors have ensured the smooth running of the Secondary One registration and orientation for the new Secondary Ones. As school reopened, the fresh faces of Anderson Secondary School were greeted by both the Student Councillors who served as their Orientation Group Leaders (OGLs). Through four days of team-bonding activities, the Secondary One students became assimilated into the new environment. The campfire finale to the one week long orientation witnessed the talented and creative showcase of our Secondary One students. 

Anderson Student Council Camp 
As a part of their training, our councillors worked with Adventure plus in creating a 3 day – 2 night camp to develop the soft skills of our councillors. This helped our councillors put their MICEE skills into practice. Each aspect of the camp allowed our councillors to be innovative and work as a team to achieve different objectives at each round of the camp. The greatest challenge was for our councillors to navigate their way from Anderson Secondary School to the Adventure Camp site in Sentosa using any available resource. Once at Sentosa, the councillors had to clear several objectives and interact with different groups of people on the island. To foster a stronger sense of teamwork and bond, the councillors had overcome their fears in the hour glass challenge. Through this, our councillors became more resilient and dedicated to working as a team.





Student Council Investiture 2017 
This year’s theme was “A new era”, chosen to signify a new chapter and a new beginning for Anderson Student Council as we strive towards making changes to improve ourselves. On this day, the student councillors are reminded of humility and the responsibility entrusted onto them to serve the school. 

Purple Parade 2017 
To commit themselves to the service of the community, councillors stepped forward and volunteered their services during the purple parade 2017 where they helped raise awareness for the people with disabilities within the community as well as raise funds for the families. Our councillors even had the opportunity to interact with our President. 


Teachers’ Day 2017
This annual celebration saw the hard work of our teachers being recognised with thoughtful gifts of love from students which featured a self-designed tote bag. The performance segment showcases the Andersonians talents and more importantly allowed Andersonians to express their gratitude towards their teachers. 

Challenge Shield 2017 
Our councillors used the annual Challenge Shield competition as part of the initiative to promote active class participation in school events and give a dose of healthy class competition within the school. Classes compete with each other through various class competitions throughout the year. This range from their performance during the Cross Country, Games Day and most decorated class for specific celebrations. 

Graduation Ball 2017 
This year, the highly anticipated event for all graduation students organised by councillors was held at the Amara hotel. The theme of the event was yule ball, adapted from the ever popular series, Harry Potter. The councillors planned an exciting enchanting night for their seniors to celebrate their hard work over the years in Anderson Secondary school. 

Open House 2017 
During the open house 2017, our councillors set up their own booth to showcase their work through the year to visiting parents and potential students. It is through this our councillors can validate their efforts and work with conviction and passion, enforcing the good work standard they strive to uphold. 


Temasek Leadership Challenge 2017 
Our councillors embarked on the annual leadership challenge held by Temasek Junior College. Through this competition, our councillors learnt how to work with other student leaders from various schools, collaborate and develop themselves further in this 3 day challenge. Our teams even made it to the finals with their commitment and drive for excellence. 


Blood Donation Drive 2017 
For the second year running, during christmas, our councillors had the chance to work with CHIJ St Theresa’s student leaders in rising awareness and encouraging members of the public to donate blood for a good cause. For one whole day under the hot sun, our councillors actively seeked out willing donors who would donate blood for a worthy cause. A little action goes a long way indeed. 


Vision​: Soaring to greater heights 
Motto​: To lead, to care, to serve 

18th Anderson Student Council Executive Committee
President​: Kiran (3/4) 
Vice-President​: Lin Ziyin (3/1) 
Secretary-General​: Alicia (3/3) 
Training Head​: Kannappan (3/2) 
Internal/External Affairs Head :​ Zetabelle (3/7), Veronica (3/1) 

Mr Andrew Lee, i/c 
Mrs Elizabeth Chan 
Ms Soh Siying 
Ms Syazwani