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Aesthetics and Technology

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Head of Department

Mr Sim Lee Yong (sim_lee_yong@moe.edu.sg)

Art Teachers

Mr Hairol Mohamed Hossain (hairol_mohamed_hossain@moe.edu.sg)
Ms Sua Shuying Michelle (sua_shuying_michelle@moe.edu.sg)

Design & Technology Teachers

Ms Lee Yan Mui Dolly (lee_yan_mui_dolly@moe.edu.sg)
Mr Ranganathan Jagan (ranganathan_jagan@moe.edu.sg)
Mr Lee Chen Beng (lee_chen_beng@moe.edu.sg)

Food & Consumer Education Teachers

Mrs Greak Kumar (greak_kumar@moe.edu.sg)
Ms Siti Na'Immatul Raudah (siti_naimmatul_raudah@moe.edu.sg)

Music Teachers

Mr Goh Shiming Gavin (shiming_gavin_goh@moe.edu.sg)
Mdm Cheng Hooi Yu Jane (cheng_hooi_yu_jane@moe.edu.sg)

Mobile Robotics
Mr Lai Rher Wei (lai_rher_wei@moe.edu.sg)
Mr Suranteran Loganathan (suranteran_loganathan@moe.edu.sg)
Mr Lee Chen Beng (lee_chen_beng@moe.edu.sg)
Mr Tang Wei Chuen Gary (tang_wei_chuen_gary@moe.edu.sg)

Adjunct Teacher

Mr Loke Khin (Design & Technology) (loke_khin@moe.edu.sg)

Allied Educator

Ms Suhailin Hamzah (Food & Consumer Education) (suhailin_hamzah@moe.edu.sg)

Technical Support Officer

Mr Mohd Nazarudon Masduki (mohd_nazarudin_masduki@moe.edu.sg)
Mr Mah Seng Choy (mah_seng_choy@moe.edu.sg)

Subjects offered by Department

  1. Art
  2. Design & Technology
  3. Food & Consumer Education
  4. Music
  5. Mobile Robotics

Key programmes of Department

  1. Art
  2. The Art curriculum has been designed with the aim of exposing students to meaningful, fun and engaging activities that will ignite creativity, stretch imaginations and hone expressivity.

    The Lower Secondary programme exposes students to a wide range of art techniques for experimentation in order to achieve their desired outcomes. Students have the opportunity to work with different mediums and the Study of Visual Art (SOVA) is incorporated into the programme as well.

    The Upper Secondary programme aims to cultivate critical and analytical thinking, appreciation for the visual arts and developing self-confidence through their artworks at a more advanced level. Students are exposed to sophisticated art-making concepts which are essential for artistic development.

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  3. Design & Technology (D&T)
  4. The D&T programme aims to equip students with problem solving skills so that they have the ability to apply the skills across all disciplines. The programme also engages students to build a link between textbook knowledge and real world application

    The Lower Secondary programme uses an integrative approach which allows students to apply basic design and technology knowledge and design thinking skills to solve real world problems, through a project theme.

    The Upper Secondary D&T students undergo a series of learning activities that aim to infuse qualitative design experiences as added value to ignite the spark of innovation. Students are also exposed to diverse design skills, incorporate methods and design prototyping techniques to achieve the desired results of a holistic design programme.


  5. Food & Consumer Education (FCE)
  6. The FCE programme aims to empower students to be health-conscious and discerning consumers. This enables them to better manage their lives for the present and the future. Through the lessons, students are equipped with life skills that optimise their resources of food, finance and time to meet their physical, mental, social and economic needs.

    We take an innovative approach and aim to make the learning of the subject relevant, interesting and enjoyable for the students. By equipping our students with practical life skills through various activities such as investigative activities, they learn to connect what they learn with their own lives.

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  7. Music
  8. The General Music Programme is designed to develop musical skills such as instrumental playing, aural listening skills, the knowledge of reading musical notation and creating musical scores.

    To ensure that there is engagement with sustained music-making activities, students’ personal musical interests are valued and work is designed through a variety of non-formal and informal learning style assessments.

    Music as a GCE O level subject is also offered to interested upper secondary students.

Awards and Achievements of Department


  1. Singapore Youth Festival Art Presentation
    1. Special Mention Certificate - Brandon Ang Kang Jie, Class 5/1
  2. HMPS – UNAS Visual Arts Drawing Competition
    1. Category D / Upper Sec & JC (16-18)
      1. 3rd Position - Janice Alvina, Class 3/6
      2. Consolation - Elizabeth Abigail Tjong, Class 3/6
    2. Category C / Lower Sec
      1. Consolation - Yong Yi Ann, Class 2/1
      2. Consolation - Kristine Vienne Rebecca Pardon, Class 2/4