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Excellence in the teaching and learning of Mathematics to nurture self-directed Mathematics learners and analytical problem solvers


To steer the direction of the Mathematics department with the following aims for our Andersonians:

Learn to learn
Enjoy Mathematics
Appreciate & apply
Reflect on learning
Never give up


Head of Department

  • Ms Lee Siew Lin (

Subject Head

  • Mr Hng Choon Keong (SH / Math) (

Year Head Lower Secondary

  • Mr Goh Yew Ming Adrian (

Assistant Year Head Lower Secondary

  • Ms Farn Hsing Chieh (

Senior Teacher

  • Mr Wong Teck Hock (


  • Mr Chia Kok Liang (
  • Mr Leong Kwong Tine Ken (
  • Ms Lim Chew Yen (
  • Mr Lim Guo Xian Andrew (
  • Mr Lin Wenwei (
  • Mrs Low Hui Ying (
  • Mr Low Kok Ming (
  • Mdm Mirshasha Bte Mohamed Taib (
  • Mr Mohamed Alfin S/O Habib Rahman (
  • Ms New Li Lin Lilian (
  • Mrs Peh Lay Hong (
  • Mr Suranteran S/O Loganathan (
  • Mr Tan Zi Bin (
  • Mr Tang Wei Chuen Gary (
  • Ms Teo Xiu Wen (
  • Low Poh Aik Henry (flexi Adjunct)
  • Edmund Tan

Subjects offered by Department

  1. Mathematics
  2. Additional Mathematics

Key programmes of Department

Singapore Mathematical Olympiad (SMO) Training
The Mathematics department engages vendor to provide training to higher ability students to compete in the prestigious SMO competition. These students will also have the opportunity to participate in other competitions related to Mathematics.
    • In the classroom:
      • Metacognition: Our teachers provide students with the opportunity to solve non-routine and open-ended problems, to discuss their solutions, to think aloud and reflect on what they are doing and to keep track of how things are going.
      • Learning Experience: Cognitive and metacognitive process skills are learned through carefully constructed learning experiences. For each of the topic that our teachers teach, the learning experiences focus on the mathematical processes and skills that are integral parts of learning of that topic and these experiences provide the students the opportunities to:
        • Take notes and organise information meaningfully;
        • Practise basic mathematical skills to achieve mastery;
        • Use feedback from assessment to improve learning;
        • Solve novel problems using a repertoire of heuristics;
        • Discuss, articulate and explain ideas to develop reasoning skills; and carry out a modelling project.

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Awards and Achievements of Department

Singapore Mathematical Olympiad
In the Singapore Mathematical Olympiad Competition, Andersonians braved tough competition from prestigious institutions to bag a total of 4 Gold, 5 Silver and 17 Bronze awards.

Australian Mathematics Competition
In the Australian Mathematics Competition, Anderson Secondary School was awarded 11 High Distinction and 40 Distinction awards. Our brilliant mathematician, Zhou Dafang (3/2) won the “Best in School Award” for his outstanding performance. 

All Singapore Secondary Mathematics Competition for Normal Course Students
Previously known as "All Singapore Lower Secondary Maths Competition", this competition aims to promote the passion in learning Mathematics among normal course students since its inception in 2009. This year, 12 Andersonians participated in the competition and the Secondary 5 team, comprising of Ng Wei En, Amos, Presley Toh Yuan Rui and Sia Yuxi Rebecca came in fifth in the team category.

American Mathematics Competition
American Mathematics Competition is one of the oldest and most prestigious Mathematics Competition for secondary and higher school students organised by Mathematical Association of America (MAA). The MAA’s American Mathematics Competitions program leads the nation in strengthening the mathematical capabilities of the next generation of problem-solvers. Three of our students, Wu Yuchan (4/1), Zhang Jiarui (4/2) and Chen Yu Hong (4/2), who participated in this competition were placed in the top 2.5% of all participants and displayed outstanding proficiency in problem solving and mathematical skills. 

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Innovative Teaching and Learning
Teaching Mathematics with the Use of Comics 

The project explores an alternative approach to teaching mathematics using comics, and aims to spark off more interest towards the learning of mathematics and its real life applications. Through a customised online platform on which students read comics and apply mathematics to solve problems related to the comics, the learning of mathematics concepts is made more interesting and enjoyable. Students also expressed that they were better able to understand and remember the concepts due to the humorous perspectives illustrated by the comics. 

The Mathematics Department will continue to work with NIE on this project in the following year to provide students with more quality learning experiences through the use of MAGICAL comics. 

Professional Development 
Besides the weekly Professional Learning Circle discussions, the Mathematics teachers also came forth to share some of their teaching experiences.

Teacher-Led Workshop
In the spirit of sharing valuable knowledge and contributing towards the continuous improvement of the teaching fraternity, our team of three teachers, Mr Lin Wenwei, Mr Wong Teck Hock and Mrs Low Hui Ying, designed and facilitated a Teacher-Led Workshop at the Academy of Singapore Teachers to share their learning in the journey of crafting problems in real-world contexts. The workshop, which also provided guidance and hands-on experience in crafting real-world context problems, was attended by fellow mathematics educators from 22 schools and received much positive feedback.