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Environmental Science Club (Formerly Green Club)

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The year 2020 was particularly a challenging year for our club due to the pandemic. However, it did not stop us from continuing our environmental advocacy. Our efforts in our Sustainability Project to promote Upcycling were recognised when we achieved the Design for Challenge Singapore Award 2020. This has encouraged us to continue to persevere despite the challenges ahead.
Every year, our members get the opportunities to participate in environment-related workshops and events organised by our partners. Fairprice Share-A-Textbook is one such opportunity provided by Fairprice. It was a memorable community service for our members who participated in it for the first time.  We were very happy to do our part to recycle old textbooks and help needy students in our community.  It was a tiring but extremely rewarding experience. It is heartening to know that our members have contributed to this voluntary work that has helped to recycle 500,000 textbooks and benefited 25 000 beneficiaries in Singapore. A certificate of appreciation was presented to our school and we were even mentioned in an instagram post by Mr Masagos Zulkifli (Minister for Social and Family Development). We hope to continue to support this meaningful volunteer work in the years to come.
This year, we launched our new initiative, “Old Shoes Recycling Drive”, during assembly.  Our Publicity Leader, Tan Kuok Hao from Class 3/1, led in this initiative and shared his views :  
“The project was a challenging and enlightening experience. It has taught us so much more about the environment and what we can do to protect it. Most importantly, we realised that many things around us can be recycled. An example is our old shoes. Instead of disposing of them, they can be used to make rubber granules. This saves up space in our landfill and also conserves new resources from being expended in making sports facilities. If we pay attention to the little things around us, little by little, we can definitely make a difference for the good of the environment.”

We hope to reinvent and think of innovative ways to continue our community outreach in this new norm and we look forward to your continuous support in our green projects.