ASRJC Elementz

Students from Anderson Science Academy recently participated in 22nd International Elementz Competition held by ASRJC. The Elementz competition provides a platform for Upper Secondary students to showcase their primary and secondary scientific research. One team (comprising of Edrea Tan (4/4, 2021), Mandy Low (4/4, 2021 and Sharleen (4/4,2021) was awarded Gold and 2 other teams (comprising of Chen Jinkai (4/1,2021) Das Debansha (4/1, 2021), Tang J Ying (4/3, 2021), Megan Wong (4/5, 2021), Tanio Kurea (3/1, 2021), Ong Chong En (3/2, 2021), Chen Yanjun (3/3, 2021), Jay Chong (3/4, 2021) were awarded Silver. The projects titles were Effect of microplastic on clams (Gold), Yeast as bio-catalyst in bio-fuel cell (Silver) and Effect of different proportions of vinegar and baking soda solution on removal of kitchen stains (Silver).

Elementz Gold.jpg
Elementz Gold 2.jpg
Elementz Silver.jpeg
Elementz Silver Gp 2.jpeg
Elementz Silver Gp 2_2.jpeg