Design & Technology With Application of Coding

Design & Technology (D&T) is a subject where students learn by doing. Students get to work on projects that require them to design and make things out of resistant materials such as wood, metal and plastics in their Secondary 1 and Secondary 2 D&T lessons.

The revised D&T curriculum supports STEM Education in Anderson. The revised curriculum emphasises on:

1. Equipping students with problem solving skills so that they are able to generate and develop design solutions for real world problems.
2. Exploration & experimentation of ideas through mock-ups so as to allow pupils to fail early in seeking a practical and appropriate design solution for identified user.
3. Making of prototype as a cognitive and hands-on endeavor with the application of technologies (coding using Mbot)
When working on the D&T projects, students experience the design process and apply the design thinking skills that require them to:

- ask questions to find out more information
- sketch to come up with ideas
- make mock-up to test and visualize ideas
- do simple mathematics to decide on sizes for the projects
- apply simple science knowledge to make ideas work
- integrate coding and simple robotics in the project

Over the two years, students will be equipped with problem solving skills which will aid them to apply the skills across all disciplines. Students will also be able to build a link between textbook knowledge and real world application through a themed project in Secondary 2 with the aim of value creation through D&T with innovative solution (incorporating coding) to real world problems.