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Mission and Values


Thinkers, Innovators and Leaders who make a difference for the greater good


Developing and inspiring in all Andersonians a sense of purpose and constancy to reach their full potential for self and nation

Thinker Innovator Leader
Every Andersonian is …

  1. a discerning and critical thinker who …
  2. has a deep intellectual curiosity and passion
    for learning; and
  3. seeks excellence in the quest for knowledge
    for betterment of self and others.
Every Andersonian is …

  1. a creative and enterprising problem-solver, who is
    imbued with …
  2.  an appreciation for diversity; and has
  3.  a rugged resilience and a pioneering spirit

Every Andersonian is …

  1. a noble servant leader, who is ready to
  2. lead with courage, integrity and honour; yet
  3. remains humble and patient, gentle and kind so as to
    inspire and contribute meaningfully to the community

ANDE Values

School definition What it means to students
cAring in Action

Desired Qualities

Is generous and kind
Is able to empathise with others

Action Statements

I help and value others even if they are different

I am sensitive to the attitudes, feelings and circumstances of others

Noble in Character

Desired Qualities

Has the courage to make difficult, but socially and morally sound decisions

Is steadfast in upholding the values of justice, integrity and honesty

Action Statements

I make responsible decisions and stand by them
I do what is right even when others are not looking

Daring in our Dreams

Desired Qualities

Has a resilient and an adventurous spirit

Is a creative and enterprising problem solver

Action Statements

I have positive self-belief, and can face challenges confidently

I am resourceful and am able to come up with creative solutions when faced with a problem

Excellent in all our Endeavours

Desired Qualities

Is driven by a strong sense of commitment to giving of one’s best

Excels in all his undertakings

Action Statements

I take pride in striving to do my very best in every endeavour, academic and non-academic

I set high expectations for myself and produce high quality work


Our school motto, “With Constancy and Purpose”, worded by Miss Heng CS, a former Principal of our school, serves to urge Andersonians to imbibe the qualities of the bamboo, which grows with constancy and is versatile. It also encourages Andersonians to set goals in life and be consistent in their pursuit of these goals.