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Name Designation Email  Ext
Aesthetics & Technology

Mr Sim Lee Yong Head of Department, Design & Technology
Ms Lee Yan Mui Dolly
Assistant Year Head (Upper Secondary)
Mr Ranganathan JaganTeacher, Design & Technology, Computer Applicationsranganathan_jagan@moe.edu.sg 320
Mr Lee Chen BengTeacher, Design & Technology, Mobile Roboticslee_chen_beng@moe.edu.sg 360
Mr Loke Khin Adjunct Teacher, Design & Technologyloke_khin@moe.edu.sg -
Mrs Greak KumarTeacher, Food & Consumer Educationgreak_kumar@moe.edu.sg 345
Ms Siti Na'Immatul RaudahTeacher, Food & Consumer Educationsiti_naimmatul_raudah@moe.edu.sg 344
Mdm Loh Oi ThimAdjunct Teacher, Food & Consumer Educationloh_oi_thim@moe.edu.sg 394
Mr Hairol Mohamed Hossain
Teacher, Art hairol_mohamed_hossain@moe.edu.sg
Ms Sua Shuying Michelle
Teacher, Art sua_shuying_michelle@moe.edu.sg
Mr Goh Shimin Gavin
Subject Head (Student Management), Music shiming_gavin_goh@moe.edu.sg
Mr Mohd Nazarudon Masduki
Technical Support Officer
Mr Mah Seng Choy
Technical Support Officer
Ms Khoo Poh Leng
Head of Department, English Language & Literature khoo_poh_leng@moe.edu.sg  223
Mrs Sabariah Ashari Head of Department (Partnership) , English Language & Literature
Ms Tan Kiak Ping AnneSubject Head (English Language), English Language & Literaturetan_kiak_ping_anne@moe.edu.sg 239
Ms Karen Kang Hong Lin
Teacher, English Language & Literaturekang_hong_lin_karen@moe.edu.sg
Ms Lim Shan
Teacher, English Language & Literature
Mdm Soh Wan TingTeacher, English Language & Literaturesoh_wan_ting@moe.edu.sg
Ms Yeow Swee Li
Teacher, English Language & Literatureyeow_swee_li@moe.edu.sg
Mdm Nur Fadilah Bte YusranTeacher, English Literature & Social Studiesnur_fadilah_yusran@moe.edu.sg
Ms Tan Yin WeiTeacher, English Literature & Dramatan_yin_wei@moe.edu.sg 351
Mr Stephen Ng Ching Enn Year Head (Upper Secondary) , English Language ng_ching_enn@moe.edu.sg  222
Mr Kelvin Lim
Senior Teacher, English Language lim_kelvin@moe.edu.sg
Mrs Trixie Goh Teacher, English Language ong_piak_yun@moe.edu.sg  304
Mrs Pamela Raj Teacher, English Language pamela_priya@moe.edu.sg  306
Ms Petrina Wong Teacher, English Language
Mr Aminurashid Bin Jumaat Teacher, English Language
aminurashid_bin_jumaat@moe.edu.sg  361
Ms Goh Mei Hui Adjunct Teacher, English Language
 Ms Kuan Suay San, SophinaAdjunct Teacher, English Language kuan_suay_san@moe.edu.sg 399
Mr Hardi Zein
Head of Department, History hardi_zein@moe.edu.sg 220
Mr Yong Eng KiatSenior Teacher, History and Social Studies
Mdm Shirley Ho Hui Zheng
Teacher, History & Social Studies
Mr Eu Lee Chung Don
Teacher, History & Social Studies
Mrs Elizabeth Chan Hui Tang
Mrs Elizabeth Chan Hui Tang
Mrs Ang Mei Lin AmyTeacher, History & Social Studiesleong_mei_lin_amy@moe.edu.sg
Mr Tan Hong Yi Jacob
Teacher, History & Social Studieshong_yi_jacob_tan@moe.edu.sg
Ms Wang SichuanTeacher, History & Dramawang_sichuan@moe.edu.sg365
Mr Jason Chia Yi KangTeacher, Social Studies & English Language
Ms Soh Si Ying
Subject Head, Geography soh_si_ying@moe.edu.sg
Ms Lenny Tusya Samsudin Teacher, Geography lenny_tusya_samsudin@moe.edu.sg 349
Ms Pearlin Tan Wei Ern Teacher, Geography tan_wei_ern_pearlin@moe.edu.sg 321
Mdm Loo Huang YiTeacher, Geographyloo_huang_yi@moe.edu.sg363
Ms Jess Neo Jue ShiTeacher, Geographyjess_neo_jue_shi@moe.edu.sg 364
Mdm June Liau Ming Ming
Teacher, Principles of Accounts liau_ming_ming@moe.edu.sg
Mdm Jane Cheng Hooi Yu Teacher, Principles of Accounts & Music cheng_hooi_yu@moe.edu.sg 357
Mr Tang Chee Wah Flexi Adjunct Teacher, POA tang_chee_wah@moe.edu.sg 391
Ms Lee Siew Lin Head of Department, Mathematics lee_siew_lin@moe.edu.sg 230  
Mr Hng Choon Keong Head of Department (ICT), Mathematics hng_choon_keong@moe.edu.sg 229
Ms Farn Hsing Chieh Assistant Year Head (Lower Secondary), Mathematics farn_hsing_chieh@moe.edu.sg 240
Mr Mohamed Alfin S/O Habib RahmanAssistant Year Head (Lower Secondary), Mathematics
Mr Low Kok Ming Senior Teacher, Mathematics  low_kok_ming@moe.edu.sg  352
Mr Lian Boon Shen
Teacher, MathematicsLian_boon_shen@moe.edu.sgTBC
Ms Lim Chew Yen Teacher, Mathematics  lim_chew_yen@moe.edu.sg  405
Mrs Low Hui Ying Teacher, Mathematics  oh_hui_ying@moe.edu.sg  356
Mdm Mirshasha Bte Mohamed Taib Teacher, Mathematics mirshasha_mohamed_taib@moe.edu.sg  334
Mr Suranteran S/O Loganathan Teacher, Mathematics & Mobile Robotics
suranteran_loganathan@moe.edu.sg  350
Ms Teo Xiu Wen Teacher, Mathematics teo_xiu_wen@moe.edu.sg  323
Mr Tay Jun Keat Teacher, Mathematics tay_jun_keat@moe.edu.sg  362
Mr Colin Chen Shou Jie Teacher, Mathematics & Computer Applications chen_shoujie_colin@moe.edu.sg  366
Mr Aaron Wong Whye Kit Teacher, Mathematics aaron_wong_whye_kit@moe.edu.sg  317
Mrs Magdalene Wan Teacher, Mathematics foo_seok_cheng_magdalene@moe.edu.sg  382
Mr Wong Teck Hock Teacher, Mathematics wong_teck_hock@moe.edu.sg  305
Mother Tongue      
Dr Wang Zhiwei
Subject Head, Chinese Language
Dr Liu Jingbo  Subject Head, Chinese Language liu_jingbo@moe.edu.sg 302
Mr Goh Yoon KeongHead of Department (CCE), Chinese Language
 goh_yoon_keong@moe.edu.sg 242
Mdm Aw Sean Ling Senior Teacher, Chinese Language aw_sean_ling@moe.edu.sg  301
Ms Gao Wei Wei Teacher, Chinese Language 
gao_wei_wei@moe.edu.sg  347
Ms Liu Yirui Teacher, Chinese Language  liu_yirui@moe.edu.sg  354
Ms Zhang Liya Teacher, Chinese Language  zhang_liya@moe.edu.sg  353
Mr Benedict Ng Min Zhong  Teacher, Chinese Language  benedict_ng_min_zhong@moe.edu.sg  371
Ms Chua Li Ting Teacher, Chinese Language  chua_li_ting@moe.edu.sg  346
Mr Gregory BooAdjunct Teacher, Chinese Language
gregory_boo@moe.edu.sg 398
Mdm Noorlizasabariah Bte Ramli Malay Language Teacher noorlizasabariah_ramli@moe.edu.sg  312
Mdm Rafidah Binte Abd Razak Malay Language Teacher rafidah_abd_razak@moe.edu.sg  409
Ms Syazwani Binte Mohamad Roslan  Malay Language Teacher
syazwani_mohamad_roslan@moe.edu.sg   342
Ms Filzatul Azreen Gazali Malay Language Teacher
filzatul_azreen_gazali@moe.edu.sg  407
Mr Mohammed Shaiful Abu BakarMalay Language Teachermohammed_shaiful_abu_bakar@moe.edu.sg 403
Mdm Asnah AsrapAdjunct Teacher, Malay Languageasnah_asrap@moe.edu.sg 310
Mrs Grace Priya Kharnan Teacher, Tamil Language grace_priya_joseph@moe.edu.sg  309
Mdm Pandimeenal Ramaiah Teacher, Tamil Language ramaiah_pandimeenal@moe.edu.sg  337
Mr Ilango Rama Appaswamy Adjunct Teacher, Tamil Language ilango_rama_appaswamy@moe.edu.sg  308
Mdm Senkuttuvan Mallika Relief Teacher, Tamil Language thuraimanickam_jayajothi@moe.edu.sg  395
Physical Education      
Mr Indrajit Singh Head of Department, Physical Education indrajit_singh@moe.edu.sg
Mr Sivanesan Vmakesan Senior Teacher, Physical Education sivanesan_vmakesan@moe.edu.sg  316
Mr Leong Kwong Tine Ken Teacher, Physical Education leong_kwong_tine@moe.edu.sg  339
Mr Low Mingsheng Benedict Teacher, Physical Education
low_mingsheng_benedict@moe.edu.sg  355
Mr Neo Eng Hup Edward Teacher, Physical Education neo_eng_hup@moe.edu.sg  406
Mr Tang Wei Chuen Gary Teacher, Physical Education & Mobile Robotics tang_wei_chuen_gary@moe.edu.sg  410
Mdm Yu Sheau Jen  Head of Department, Physics
Mr Ang Chip SengHead Of Department (I&E) , Physicsang_chip_seng@moe.edu.sg 228
Mr Richmond Ang Dy Subject Head (ICT) , Physicsrichmond_ang_dy@moe.edu.sg 238
Mr Lai Rher WeiTeacher, Physics & Mobile Roboticlai_rher_wei@moe.edu.sg 332
Mr Ng WeilunTeacher, Physicsng_weilun@moe.edu.sg 331
Mr Tan Kong Hui JamesTeacher, Physicstan_kong_hui_a@moe.edu.sg 329
Mdm Cheong Shi Ya Sheena Subject Head, Chemistry cheong_shi_ya_sheena@moe.edu.sg  235
Chan Wee Xian Eugene Subject Head (CCE) , Chemistry chan_wee_xian_eugene@moe.edu.sg  236
Mrs Goh Li Jun WinnieTeacher, Chemistry & English Languagechang_li_jun_winnie@moe.edu.sg 348
Mrs Goh Li EngTeacher, Chemistrykoh_li_eng@moe.edu.sg 367
Mr Wong Foo KitTeacher, Chemistrywong_foo_kit@moe.edu.sg 341
Mr Edmund Tan Yong BoonTeacher, Chemistry & Mathematicsedmund_tan_yong_boon@moe.edu.sg 369
Mrs Lim Sok HoonTeacher, Chemistryteh_sok_hoon@moe.edu.sg 330
Mr Ivin ChanSchool Staff Developer, Biologychan_ivin@moe.edu.sg 221
Mr Lim Kuan Yick Arthur Senior Teacher, Biology lim_kuan_yick_arthur@moe.edu.sg
Mr Lim Guo Xian Andrew Teacher, Biology lim_guo_xian_andrew@moe.edu.sg  359
Mdm Lum Yoke Wah Teacher, Biology lum_yoke_wah@moe.edu.sg  333
Mdm Teo Siew Lee
TSO, Science Laboratory teo_siew_lee@moe.edu.sg
Mdm Heng Ai Na
TSO, Science Laboratory candy_heng_ai_na@moe.edu.sg
Mdm Rasamal D/O Veerappan
OSO, Science Laboratory rasamal_veerappan@moe.edu.sg