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Parent Support Group



  • To provide a platform for Andersonian parents to be involved in activities that would grow them as supportive partners in their teen's journey, both at school and at home


  • To support the school's initiatives, specifically those that require parental intervention to ensure progressive growth of Andersonian teens - be it academics, social or holistic.
  • To create opportunities, such as bonding activities, to foster better relationships between school, parents and Andersonian teens.

Name Position
Josey Koh Chairwoman
Frauline Tay Vice Chair
Ramta Mishra Vice Chair 
Imelda Djapardy Secretary
Phyllis Chow Assistant Secretary
Yong Lee Lee  Treasurer
 Zee S H Kasnan Publicity
 Dhora Shukor Muslim Liason Officer
 Suraini Kanting Muslim Liason Officer
 Aruna Rani Members 
 Sujyothi Joyce Members

Calendar for 2018 Events

1. 13 January 2018, Saturday CCA Open House / PSG Recruitment Drive 
2. 24 February 2018, Saturday Parent-Child Bonding Activity 
3. 29 March 2018, Thursday Speech Day
4. 14 April 2018, Saturday Parent-Child Bonding Activity
5. 21 July 2018, Saturday Meet The Principal
6. 30 August 2018, Thursday
Celebrate Teachers' Day
7. 13 October 2018, Saturday Parent-Child Bonding Activity
8. 9 November 2018, Friday Exco Year End Meeting
9. 17 November 2018, Saturday After Anderson
10. 24 November 2018, Saturday Anderson Open House

YES! Another great year ahead, 2018, Bravo!


Mr Ganeson, our Advisor shared with our new Secondary One parents above PSG on 11/3/18, Saturday.


The Amazing Team did the Amazing Race on 24 Feburary 2018, Saturday

Lets hear from our participants...

Here is the RACE!

Our regular monthly Exco meeting


Awesome Bonding Activity through Laser Tag on 14 April 2018, Saturday

Laser Tag.jpeg

Our Exco Members, together with Mdm Sabariah had a great time in the Laser Tag event.

Exco members laser tag.jpeg

PSG Members Celebrated Speech Day on 29 March 2018, Saturday

Speech Day.jpeg

A wonderful catch up with our Alunmi too


Meet The Principal on 21 July 2018, Saturday

Meet The Principal.JPG

Our Principal and the Upper Secondary Parents

Our Principal and the Upper Secondary Parents.JPGOur Principal and the Upper Secondary Parents_2.JPG

Parent - Child Bonding through Laser Tag on 14 April 2018, Saturday

Meet The Principal on 21 July 2018, Saturday

Celebrate Teachers' Day on 30 August 2018, Thursday

Proudly present... Our new badges!


A great bonding moment with our parents during the Teachers' Day celebration!


A great catch up during our School Open House on 24 November 2018, Saturday


An awesome sharing session by our Alumni parents on "After Anderson" on 17 November 2018, Saturday


Year End Bonding through Bowling on 13 October 2018 Sat

Bowling Event 2019.jpeg

Exco Year End Meeting on 9th November 2018 Fri

Year End Meet.jpeg