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Clubs and Societies

Infocomm Club


The Anderson Infocomm Club was set up in 2006 in conjunction with IDA’s Infocomm Club initiative. The club was set up to equip members with essential skills that they will need for the future; promote infocomm as a promising career among the school population. Members are trained in areas such as iMovie, iPhoto, Garageband, Comic Life etc. The Infocomm Club aims to excite students about infocomm in a fun and meaningful way by helping them to learn new skills and to cultivate leadership and entrepreneurship capabilities at an early age.

Our objectives are to:

  • Promote an enhanced sense of imagination and innovation through the learning of variety of skills in infocomm.
  • Invigorate students’ creativity and entrepreneurial spirit through application of infocomm to serve the school and the community.
  • Partner with relevant organisations in the industry to promote greater collaboration and opportunities of real world learning for students.

Teacher Mentors  
Mr Hng Choon Keong (i/c)
Ms Soh Si Ying
Ms Felicia Khoo
Ms Grace Priya

Training days
Odd Week:Monday 1430hrs to 1730hrs
Even Week: Monday 1430hrs to 1730hrs
Even Week: Wednesday 1430hrs to 1730hrs


The Media Challenge 2015 (Best Video Award & Best Package Award)

iCode 2015 (First Runner Up)

NIC Face-Off App Development Competition (First Runner Up)

StrlTwise Challenge 2015

Ace of Coders National Infocomm Competition (NIC) Face-off | Coding

NYP Marina Bay Sands Video Competition – 3 rd Prize
StrITwise IT Camp – 2 nd Prize

NYP Marina Bay Sands Video Competition – 3rd prize
StrITwise IT Camp by Ngee Ann Polytechnic – 2nd prize

NSPC, Silver Award
MAC Finalist
SGCC (Stage 1 Top 20)

iCode Best Presentation Award


Cybernetics Club

Anderson Cybernetics Club is a long-running organization in the school which aims to encourage innovation, critical thinking and technical skills in students. Over the years, Cybernetics strives to provide an inter-disciplinary and problem-based learning experience where it encourages innovation, critical thinking and technical skills in all of our members. We also aim to cultivate excellent leaders and thinkers by training our members who have the passion to excel in building and programming miniature robots to take part in competitions. Through participation in local and inter-school competitions, members learn much more than they can expect from a CCA; the true meaning of team spirit, perseverance, teamwork, diligence and time management to name a few.

Teacher Mentors 
Mr Lin Binchuan (i/c)     
Miss Wang Sichuan
Mr Ranganathan Jagan

Training days 
Monday 1500hrs to 1730hrs
Wednesday 1500hrs to 1730hrs

Congratulations to Anderson Cybernetics Club for clinching 2nd Runner-up at Republic Polytechnic Underwater Robotics Olympiad 2016.

This year’s theme consists of both dry and wet weather, “Spartan Race & Underwater Robot Task Performer” where our students were provided with complete raw materials, toolkits and hands on expertise. They were required to build an Underwater Robotic Vehicle which requires the robots to navigate underwater and pass through the obstacle course such as hoop, a rope, and a floating ball, in shortest time.
Cybernetics_01 Cybernetics_02

ITE Skills Challenge 2015 Web Design – 1st Runner-Up
ITE Skills Challenge 2015 Waste To Craft – 2nd Runner-Up
Ngee Ann Polytechnic Powering Lives Challenge 2015 – Champion
Republic Polytechnic Underwater Robotics Olympiad 2015 – 2nd Runner-Up
Asia Pacific Youth Robotics Competition (APYRC) Summer Line Tracing Competition – 2nd Runner-Up
E1 Circuit Challenge 2015 Indoor Solar Racer – 2nd Runner-Up
National Junior Robotics Competition (NJRC) – Out of 300 teams from the different schools, 4 of our teams emerged Top 40.

3 Merit Award and one 1st Prize in Innovative and Enterprising Competition on Recycle Day 2014 @ ITE College Central
1st Runner Up in Obstacle Race in Inter-School Robotics Challenge @ ITE College East- Simei
APYRC Sumobot 1st Runner Up and Line Tracing 2nd Runner Up
National Junior Robotics Competition (NJRC)- Out of 300 over teams selected within the Top 15 Finalists for Best Learning Journey
APYRC Tug Of War- 2nd Runner Up

Destination Zero Carbon 2012- 2 nd in Car Design Category, 3 rd in Presentation Category
APRC Winter Games 2012 – 3 rd in Sumo-bot Category
APYRC Summer Games 2013 – 2 nd in Sumo-bot Category

Interschool robotics challenge by ITE
-Merit awards (3rd runner up) for Line Tracing event
– Merit awards (7th position) for Obstacle race event

Robo GP 2012 by Temasek Poly
– 1st runner-up & 3rd runner-up for Division 2 Race

Singapore Amazing Flying machine Competition by Singapore Science Centre
– Finalist for best presentation
– 1st runner-up for the Best Track record for the flight travel 10 meters yet stay within the track

3rd place, Asian Pacific Robotics Challenge (Line Follower category)

4th position, National Robotics Challenge – Micro-Mouse Competition

6th and 7th positions, National Robotics Challenge – Micro-Mouse Competition

Library Club


The library club is the CCA of choice for Andersonians who love books or who enjoy rendering a service. All librarians are trained and expected to carry out the usual library house-keeping duties such as book-shelving, book processing and repair, counter duty and patrolling. Apart from these, librarians are expected to be part of project groups that will give them the opportunities to develop team spirit, leadership skills and sense of accomplishment.

This year, a total of 4 reading activities were conducted for students of Anderson Secondary School. These activities have received positive feedback from the students and teachers.

Here is an overview of 2 of them:

Book Buzz
During this assembly book talk given by the National Library Board, students were introduced to selections from different genres.


Book of Secrets
The student librarians visited Ang Mo Kio Public Library for the Book of Secrets activity, where they were introduced to the different services available there. The students were also taught on how to maximize the use of the services in the library, and they had an exciting book hunt at the end of the session to test their knowledge.


Visit our  blog  for lastest happenings.

Teacher Mentors 
Mdm Deepa (i/c) 
Mr Chin Ah Swee

Training days
Monday 1430hrs to 1630hrs
Wednesday 140hrs to 1630hrs
Friday 1330hrs to 1530hrs

Event Highligths
Learning Journey cum Bonding Day @ Jurong Bird Park
NE Learning Journey to Sports Library & Sports Hub
NLB Workshop named “Utterly Fictional”

Community Involvement Project and Cultural Exchange to Vietnam
Learning Journey to National Library Board

Bonding Day @ Marina Barrage

Cultural Exchange to Sarawak, Malaysia

North Zone Inter-School Library Idioms Competition
Camp and educational tour to Peirce Reservoir

Inter-schools Idioms Competition, 2nd

Green Club


The Anderson Green Club serves to increase awareness regarding environmental issues and to inspire members and the school population to respect and care for our environment. Our club offers members the opportunity to get in touch with nature through hands-on gardening activities and learning trails. Members get to participate in competitions and educational workshops organised by National Environment Agency (NEA), Building and Construction Authority (BCA) and other environmental organisations that educate them on a wide variety of green practices and conservation methods.

Teacher Mentors
Mdm Shirley Ho (i/c)
Mrs Ruth Qiu

Training days
Monday 1430hrs to 1730hrs

Event Highlights

Lotus Sustained Achievement Award – Gold Award
SEStarHub School Green Awards (SGA) – Gold Award
3R Awards 2015 – Gold Award
Central Singapore O.N.E. Awards 2015 – Silver Award
My Green School Video Contest – Silver Award

Lotus Sustained Green Award
3R Gold Award
National Environment Quiz @ Nan Hua High

  • Individual Catergory: 3rd & 5th Placing
  • Team Category- 4th Placing

Attained Green Audit Award
Marigold Festival- Won consolation prize

Attained Green Audit Award

Attained Green Audit Award

Attained Green Audit Award
Participated in the National Environmental Quiz @ Nan Hua High School


Art Club

Anderson Art club is a club that embraces and accepts diversity among students. Through our club activities, we strive to strengthen bond, collaboration and artistic talents. It aims to provide platforms which encourage and showcase our members’ talents. It also makes every effort to inculcate the value of compassion, care and respects towards others through our activities.

Teacher Mentors
Mr Hairol Mohamed Hossain (i/c)     
Ms Sua Shuying Michelle

Training days 
Monday 1430hrs to 1730hrs

Wednesday 1500hrs to 1800hrs

Singapore Youth Festival Art Competition
People’s Association Youth Movement (PAYM) Loves Red: Bukit Timah Hill Drawing Competition
Growing with Lee Kuan Yew Competition
Fight Dengue @ Schools” educational material design Competition
CIP for Central Clean & Green Singapore Carnival with a recycling booth

Heartland Beat Art Competition
Nanjing YOG 2014 International Youth Drawing Competition
5th CDL Singapore Sculpture Competition
Immersion trip to Vietnam

Biggest paper Craft Heart Competition by the  Singapore Heart Foundation
– together with 4 other schools, we managed to have our school name recorded in the Singapore Book of Records
Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) Art Competition
Lantern Painting Competition
Junction 8 Painting Competition

SYF Theme Motif Design Competition
20 th International Children’s Painting Competition
Learning journey to Singapore Biennale @ National Museum of Singapore
Overseas learning trip to Sarawak, Malaysia

Drawing Project to raise funds for the children in Haiti. Organised by GenevaWorld & NYAA Council
Google Design Competition
Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) Art Competition

SYF, Bronze Award in Category B

vietnam mural painting art club members vietnam mural painting

Anderson Science Academy


The CCA aims to develop students who have a keen interest in Science and are excited about deriving new knowledge through exploration and conducting investigative research. This is achieved through inculcating in students the understanding and appreciation of the Scientific Inquiry and Thought processes, as well as training them in the use of dataloggers and high end scientific instruments like Ion Exchange Chromatography and UV Spectrophotometer

Over the course of the programme, students will experience the following:

– Mentorship experience under local scientists from tertiary institutions.
– Training workshops on the use of advanced scientific instruments.
– Self-directed scientific investigations of their interest with guidance from CCA teachers in charge.
– Enrichment programmes, such as local and overseas learning journeys, to deepen students’ knowledge of scientific application in daily lives.

Students in the Science Academy (otherwise known as Science Specialists) will also be given the opportunity to participate in zonal and national science-related competitions to further hone their skills in science research. This will be an invaluable experience for the Science Specialists and it will stand them in good stead should they decide to continue their pursuit in this field in the future.

Teacher Mentors
Mr Arthur Lim Kuan Yick (i/c)
Mr Ng Wei Da

Training days 
Monday 1430hrs to 1730hrs
Wednesday 1430hrs to 1730hrs


Debate Society

Pupils who have an interest in debating proper, or are simply looking for a platform to vocalize and share their opinions will enjoy their journey with the Debate Society. They will learn to research on interesting matters concerning society and the world at large, expanding their knowledge of the world and broadening their horizons. Debating will also hone their speaking, writing and presentation skills, as well as develop their soft skills in working as a team.

Students will debate not only among their peers, but also at Inter-school Levels as well as at the National Level. Be it a simplistic issue such as whether pupils and teachers should interact over social platforms, or the universal dilemma whether capital punishment or life imprisonment serves as a justified sentence, here’s a chance for you to exchange your viewpoints and learn to see things in new light.

Under the guidance of renowned debater and adjudicator Mr Adrian Tan, students are promised an enriching and lively experience with the Debate Society.

The Debate Society aims to:

  • Nurture students in their public speaking skills to become polished debaters who speak confidently and eloquently
  • Encourage students to think critically and consider multiple perspectives in order to develop balanced opinions on a range of issues
  • Build self-confidence in students such that they will be confident adults

Teacher Mentors
Ms Pamela Priya (i/c)
Ms Venessa Patricia

Training days 
Monday 1430hrs to 1730hrs
Wednesday 1445hrs to 1745hrs

1. Speak! Ventures Debate Championships 

  • Best Speaker – Chang Fong Leng (14th)

2. Singapore Secondary Schools Debating Championships

  • Team finished as quarter finalists and were ranked as 4th overall in Division II
  • Best Speaker(s): Chang Fong Leng (4th) & Joshua Tan (18th)

3. Youth Debate Open 2015