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The Anderson Basketball Team aim to create an environment where our players have fun to develop their lifelong "passion for the game", create long lasting friendships with their team mates whom they trained so hard with every week, learn to win humbly and lose graciously and develop life skills and the values of teamwork, excellence and discipline.

The Basketball CCA hope to continue the trend of one of the teams (Girls or Boys) entering the National Basketball Tournament every year as a Top 4 finalist in the North Zone Basketball Tournament.

Teacher Mentors  
Mr Ken Leong Kwong Tine (I/C)  
Mrs Christine Hui Ching Hong
Mr Nicholas Koh
Mdm Liu Jingbo


North Zone Championships-  1st runner-up (‘B’ Division Girls)  
National Basketball Tournament - Top 8th position  & Fair Play Award

North Zone Championships-  1st runner-up (‘C’ Division Girls)   
Competed in Geylang Serai U-16 Tournament 

North Zone Championships-  2nd runner-up (‘C’ Division Girls)  
Competed in Singapore National Youth Basketball Tournament 

B Girls   
4th in B Girls North Zone Schools Tournament 

B Girls 
1st runner-up in in B Girls North Zone Schools Tournament



The Anderson Badminton Team aims to develop robustness, fair play and team spirit in the students. Our team  has been training hard to achieve a top 4 placing in the North Zone Badminton tournament. Under the guidance of Coach Jerry, the members display commitment and perseverance during our training on Mondays and Fridays. 

Our weekly training sessions on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, not only allow us to improve our badminton skills but also build up our stamina and endurance. In order to build up our strength, we also have sessions at the school gym. With our patient and experienced coach, Mr Jerry Teng, we have made improvements and are prepared to challenge ourselves in the Inter-school competitions next year. We would also like to express our gratitude to our teachers-in-charge, for their guidance and support. 

Teacher Mentors  
Mr Wong Teck Hock (I/C)  
Mr Ilango Rama Appaswamy 


North Zone Inter-school Tournament-  Round 2 (‘B’ Division)  



Girls In Anderson Netball Team aka G.I.A.N.T is ranked among the Zonal Top 4 and Top 8 in the Nationals this year. Our goals are to encourage, promote and develop skills to play netball in school for girls, to create opportunities for all to participate and to develop quality players and instil the values; Respect, Teamwork, Courtesy,Honesty, Humility and Open Communications and to achieve the Top 4 ranked playing school in the North Zone.

School Immersion Trip to Hong Kong
12 netball girls participated in this year’s exchange programme this year. The trip aimed to provide these sports –inclined students a better understanding of sports organisations in school and to inculcate excellence in sports participation.


Teacher Mentors  
Mdm Waheeda (I/C)  
Mrs Goh Li Eng
Ms Mok Lai Koin
Mdm Rafidah


North Zone Netball Championship - 2nd Runner-Up ('B' Division)
North Zone Netball Championship - 2nd Runner-Up ('C' Division)
National Netball Championship - Played in the quarter –final round ('B' Division)
National Netball Championship - Played in the quarter –final round ('C' Division)
M1 School Challenge League( Age- group) - 1st ('B' Division Team 1)
M1 School Challenge League( Age- group) - 2nd ('B' Division Team 2)
SCGS 14U Netball Challenge - 1st Runner-Up (Under 14 Category)
SCC Carnival - Champion (Under 15 Category)
Netball Outreach Competition - Champion (Under 17 Category)



The Anderson Secondary School soccer team is growing by leaps and bound and hopes to build reputation as winners on and off the field. We hope to continue building leadership skills and teamwork spirit within our players. We hope to stretch our potential and talents by qualifying past the North Zone and giving ourselves a fighting opportunity in the Nationals.

Our soccer teams aim to inculcate values such as respect, integrity and fair play, foster team spirit and encourage camaraderie and continue building leadership skills. In the long run, we want Anderson Secondary School soccer team to be a household name in the soccer fraternity and a force to be reckoned with. 

Teacher Mentors  
Mr Wong Foo Kit (I/C)  
Mr Ahmad Farkhan
Mr Sivanesan
Mr Vijayakamalan


North Zone Inter-School Tournament - Group stage ('B' and 'C' Divisions)
H-TWO-O Ultimate Champions League - 3rd Place 

Table Tennis

Table Tennis is a sport that requires high amounts of mental and physical strength. Success does not come easy, it requires both skills and effort as the play is fast and demands quick reactions. However, our passionate and committed players have displayed enthusiasm and utmost dedication during the trainings. Although intense training is straining for both the players and the coach, it is the strong bond between them which makes these training sessions both enjoyable and profitable. Strong friendships were also forged during these trainings. Our players have been sent to various competitions to help them improve their adaptability to play at their tip top form with on- lookers and scenery similar to Inter School competitions. These trainings and competitions have no doubt honed the skills of the players as we can see from the recent "North Zone Table Tennis" competitions results. 

“Winning is not everything but making the effort to win is” ~ Vince Lombardi Winning isn’t everything because it is important to accept defeat, to never give up and try again. In Table Tennis, we do not strive towards awards or medals of any kind in our mind set although we are aware that setting the goal to win gives the players self-reliance and the purpose to do their best. These are merely pushing factors for us to work even harder during our strenuous training. Our main objective is to play our very best on court, maintaining a good attitude and sportsmanship. We strive for the best performance during every game and to break our limits during the training. The strenuous training presented to us helps us to grow our mental strength. Perseverance is the key during a game as in many situations; the ball game may drag on until we have finished the last drop of our energy. The determination to win helps us achieve perseverance to strive on, not for medals, not for glory, but for breaking through limits and winning the enemy, which is ourselves as people compete against themselves to become better. This is achieved by many key aspects such as the arduous trainings we go through, high expectations from teachers and strict coaches and most definitely, through our strong team spirit. Though the road is tough, at the end of the day, when we give our all during the ball game, we are able to tell ourselves with no regrets that we did our best and broke the limits.

Teacher Mentors  
Mdm Tey Chin Chin (I/C)  
Mdm Cheng Hooi Yu Jane
Mr Seet Chin Fong Matthias
Mrs Tan Merlin


North Zone Table Tennis Championships - 4th ('B' Girls)
North Zone Table Tennis Championships - 3rd ('C' Girls)



The Anderson Secondary School Volleyball team aims to have an opportunity where the players will be educated to improve their physical, social and emotional abilities, to provide players with a positive, enjoyable experience within a wholesome atmosphere of team work and sportsmanship at the recreational and competitive level and to provide a training ground for character development through the game, instilling values such as fair play, teamwork, discipline and resilience. 

Teacher Mentors  
Mr Low Mingsheng Benedict (I/C)  
Mdm Lenny Tusya
Mr Lin Wenwei
Mr Tan Zi Bin
Mr Thetchnamuthi


North Zone Inter-School Volleyball Tournament - Top 4 ('B' Division Girls)




Anderson Wushu Team will strive towards excellence, training hard for the competition with the help of the teachers and coaches. We hope to be placed within the top four positions for all four divisions in the National Inter-school Championships in 2016 and do the school proud.

Teacher Mentors  
Mr Neo Eng Hup Edward (I/C)  
Mr Chur Kok Wee
Ms Tan Kiak Ping Anne
Ms Zhang Liya


National Inter-School Championships - 2nd Runner-Up ('C' Division Girls)
National Inter-School Championships - 2nd Runner-Up ('B' Division Girls)
National Inter-School Championships - 2nd Runner-Up ('B' Division Boys)