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Where learners EXCEL in science education, EXPLORE their interests and ENJOY the discovery process


As a learning community, we value openness and embrace a growth culture that is committed to professional development. We aim to exemplify our school values of being caring in action, noble in character, daring in our dreams and excellent in all our endeavours when working with teachers and students.


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Subjects offered by Department

  1. GCE N-Level Science (Physics, Chemistry)
  2. GCE N-Level Science Syllabus T
  3. GCE O-Level Biology
  4. GCE O-Level Chemistry
  5. GCE O-Level Physics
  6. GCE O-Level Science (Physics, Chemistry)
  7. GCE O-Level Science (Chemistry, Biology)

Key programmes of Department

Science Enrichment Program @ Anderson
Anderson Science Department continues to groom students into thinkers and innovators by immersing its lower secondary pupils in a series of engaging science activities outside their curriculum time. These include exposure to different water technologies and alternative energies.

Science Research Programme @ Anderson
Anderson Science Department also promotes inquiry-based learning by immersing our Secondary 2 pupils into science research. The Science Research Programme weaves the learning of science research skills into the science curriculum and provides hands-on learning opportunities for pupils in the form of self-designed science projects.

Awards and Achievements of Department

Science Competitions (Upper Secondary)

18th Elementz Science Research Conference and Exhibition 2017
Held annually at Anderson Junior College, our pupils (Soo Jun Neng, Sylvia Aw and Lim Wan Hui) did the school proud by winning the Gold with presentation award for their study on novel PV materials that impact unmanned self-powered autonomous surface maritime vehicles led by our science teacher Mr Arthur Lim as part of the Science Mentorship Programme.

Singapore Science and Engineering Fair 2017
In the culmination of the Science Mentorship Program, a project group (Ho Soon Kang, Ling Jit Hao Felix and Sithanathan Rahul) under the guidance of our science teacher, Mdm Tey Chin Chin, participated in the prestigious Singapore Science and Engineering Fair. Their project, “Characterisation of Manganese Oxide as anode for Lithium Batteries”, was selected as one of the finalists in the competition.

Youth Science Conference 2017
Our students (Ivan Teo, Denise Siah, Nicholas Koh) led by our science teacher Mr Arthur Lim, participated in this national science competition with their project, “Digital Protein Music). Although they did not win any award, both teacher and students had a great learning experience going this arduous process. We want to take this opportunity to acknowledge their hard work and effort.

Singapore Amazing Flying Machine Competition 2017
Our Normal Academic students also had a chance to participate in making a flying craft in this national competition. Hnin Moe, John Yap, Amos Ng and Syahid led by our teacher Mr Bernard Goh, had a great adventure learning and experimenting with the principles of flight.

Science Competitions (Lower Secondary)

East Zone A*Star Science Fair 2017
Projects of good potential from our Science Research Programme were selected to represent our school in various competitions. One of which is the East Zone A*Star Science Fair. We sent a total of four teams of secondary two students. Although they did not win any awards, we want to acknowledge and applaud the students and their teachers for their hard work and valuable lessons learnt throughout the entire research process.

16th Elementz Science Project Competition and Exhibition 2017

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Each year our school organizes this competition for the North Zone and we always have around one hundred teams participating from primary and secondary schools in Singapore. Our own teams did very well, clinching a Gold (Tan Shu Hui, Carmen Lim Xuan, Ang Yi Ning), a Silver (Cheh Jun Xia, Jerome Goh, Justin Poon, Lim Zi En, Tevyn Tan) and a Bronze (Glenn Neo, Larry Gaw, R Dhinesh, Sim Ri Yang, Suresh).

Other Academic Competitions

Singapore Junior Chemistry Olympiad 2017
We also want to congratulate our students Wu Yuchan (Silver), Zhang Haoyu (Bronze), Liao Yunhan (Bronze), Lin Yiming (Merit), Wu Zhuolin (Merit), Deng Huaiyu(Merit), Hao Zeyu (Merit) and Zhang Jiarui (Merit). Singapore Junior Physics Olympiad 2017 Congratulations to our students, Li Haibei (Gold), Gong Zhen (Silver), Liao Siyu (Silver), Zhao Junyao (Bronze), Dylan Alexander (Bronze), Vinessa Christabella (Bronze), Hao Zeyu (Bronze) and Zhou Dafang (Bronze).

2017 A*STAR Science Award (Upper Sec)
The A*STAR Science Award is a prestigious award for upper secondary students who have demonstrated a keen interest in science and mathematics. They are invited to attend a 3-day research exposure programme where they will visit A*STAR research institutes, interact with scientists and participate in a hands-on research workshop. We want to congratulate Ban Xin Yan for winning this award.