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Anderson Sabbatical

Sec 1

The Anderson Sabbatical is a four-year themed initiative that builds on existing school programmes to provide students with baseline exposure to 21st-century skills and competencies. In the Secondary One Sabbatical, students participate in a level-wide non-residential camp which is an extended progression from the class-based orientation held at the beginning of the year. Through team-building games and community involvement activities, the students are given the opportunity to interact with peers from other classes and to forge new friendships within the cohort. This bonding process is further facilitated by seniors in Secondary Four and Five who have volunteered their services as assistant camp facilitators to lend a personal touch in assimilating the freshmen into the school culture, thereby fostering a strong sense of belonging to the school for both facilitator and participant alike.

Sec 1 Sabbatical - Mural Painting (3)(2) Sec 1 Sabbatical - Ukelele 2(1)
Sec 1 Sabbatical - Ukelele 1(1) Sec 1 Sabbatical - Dancing(2)
Sec 1 Sabbatical - Mural Painting (2)(1)

Sec 2

As part of the four-year themed progression, the Secondary Two Sabbatical consist of a 3-day overseas journey for a cultural cum adventure experience in one of our neighbouring countries such as Malaysia and Indonesia. Such an experience for our Andersonians complements the learning journeys organised over their 4-5 years with us and is a crucial platform for experiential exposure and application of the 21st century skills of global awareness and cross cultural literacy. In addition, Andersonians are also able to further develop their self and social awareness as well as relationship management skills as they bond and learn together through an adventure in a non-typical setting such as native villages and cottage industries.

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Upper Sec

Our Secondary Three Sabbatical exposes Andersonians to a three-day off-campus residential adventure camp, where they learn to work in teams to overcome obstacles at challenging stations and negotiate the social meanders in an unfamiliar environment of uncertainties. While the fun-filled activities can pose to be both physical and mental trials to some students, it is our belief in Andersonians’ abilities and their adaptability to change that sees them through each completion of their assigned tasks. Each camper who successfully undergoes the camp epitomizes resilience in the face of adversity and the courage to battle setbacks with an adventurous spirit. Not only do the bonding activities provide a platform for building rapport within classes, Andersonians are encouraged to show empathy for their fellow peers within the cohort, thereby cultivating them into responsible and caring members of society. Through this camp, it is also our wish to witness aspiring Andersonians be further equipped with interpersonal skills to collaborate across cultures and problem-solving skills to make socially responsible decisions in their future endeavours.

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