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Character & Student Guidance (CSG)

Character & Student Guidance (CSG) aims to nurture positive attitudes and behaviours amongst Andersonians, to ensure social, moral and emotional well-being. In doing so, we aimed at educating our Andersonians to be equipped with the competencies to make responsible and informed decision. This is done through a 3-pronged approach as illustrated below:


Culture of Care

A school to students, is like Spring, who nurtures new green sprouts, encourages and leads them, whenever they have doubts. To nurture these new green sprouts, and for them to be willing to be encouraged and led, there must be a positive emotional connection between both teachers and students.

Positive emotional connection between both teachers and students is characterised by mutual respect, empathy, warmth and genuineness between both. Apart from that, teachers also demonstrate care for students’ wellness beyond academic areas. These factors play a pivotal role in forming a culture of care within the school.

In cultivating the culture of care so that positive Teacher-Student Relationship (TSR) can also be developed, weekly Heart-to-Heart (H2H) sessions take place. Form Teachers will use this time to speak with students to better understand them or to be their listening ear. Several heart wrenching stories and cases that require intensive intervention were also surfaced through such platforms.

ANDE Programme

CSG looks at moulding students’ character and providing guidance in a wide myriad of areas such as Sexuality Education, Education and Career Guidance and Cyberwellness Education. These are done through platforms such as the weekly ANDE lessons and EFL assembly talks.

Education and Career Guidance (ECG)

ECG@Anderson is about engaging, inspiring and challenging our students to develop aspirations and equipping them with the essential skills to plan proactively for their future.

In educating our students to make informed decisions, Andersonians embarked on learning journeys to a higher institution of learnings such as Polytechnics, Junior Colleges and Institution of Technical Education, to glean insights on the schools of studies available and experience school life in these institutions wherever possible.

ECG Learning Journey to ITE

In encouraging our students to pursue their aspirations, under the ANDE programme, Andersonians are also given the opportunities to dialogue with speakers from tertiary institutions and various industries to gain a wider exposure on opportunities in the job market and the different pathways available. At the same time, ECG lessons are also carried out during curriculum time to guide students to discover their interests and passion.

ECG Visit to ITE Aviation course (ask vendor to brighten)

Throughout the year, there are also various opportunities for students to go on attachments to visit various institutions. ECG@Anderson continues to reach out to all students to empower them with the necessary information to make informed decisions for their future.


A school is also like Winter, while it’s snowing hard outside, keeps students comfortable, like a warm and helpful guide.

Secondary school years are turbulent years as student go through major transition from primary to secondary education that brings along biological, physiological, cognitive, emotional social and psychological changes. In managing these changes, students may face storms and stresses.

In believing that every child is unique and important to us, and to better reach out to students who need more guidance, Time Out Programme (TOP) in Anderson is customized to meet the students’ needs, and undertaken by our very own caring teachers. Apart from these, students can also approach their Form Teachers or the Full Time School Counsellor should they need advice or listening ear from an adult.

Time Out Programme (TOP)

TOP is a ground-up initiative to give selected Secondary 2 and 3 students additional support in order to perform at their fullest capacity. The time-out approach puts emphasis on the enhancement of social-emotional and affective skills, so as to help students overcome personal, family or social barriers that confound their motivation for and performance in learning.

In recent years, the TOP students went through a series of programmes such as “Dining and Dialogue in the Dark” @ Ngee Ann Polytechnic, “Forest Adventure” @ Bedok Reservoir and a Food Distribution outreach at Serangoon Estate to learn more about themselves and the less privileged in society. Through authentic experiences such as these, students got to rediscover themselves too and were generally more committed to pursuing improvements in their areas of study.

In addition, students also attended weekly study sessions to block out an allocated time dedicated to their homework and revision.

Students who have undergone this programme found it useful in aiding them to have a structured environment to revise their work and be exposed to useful life skills.