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Cultural Flexbility Programme


  1. The Cultural Flexibility Programme (CFP) aims to provide every Andersonian with an overseas internationalisation experience as an integral component of a uniquely Andersonian secondary education experience.
  2. The specific objectives of the CFP are
  • To develop pupils to be culturally savvy;
  • To expose pupils to the world and sensitise them to the place of Singapore in relation to its global context; and
  • To deepen pupils’ commitment and rootedness to Singapore.


  1. The CFP aims to achieve the vision of ‘Every Andersonian is a global citizen and rooted Singaporean’.
  2. At the end of the programme, every Anderson will be equipped with the cross-cultural skills to thrive in a globalizing environment. Every Andersonian will be a culturally competent person who:
  • Has knowledge of his/her own and other cultures;
  • Shows a willingness to reflect on his/her own culture and to learn about others;
  • Is able to display a variety of culturally appropriate behaviour; and
  • Is committed and rooted to Singapore.


  1. Over a 4/5 year period, the CFP will develop in students the following skills and knowledge:
  • Cross-cultural Awareness. This refers to the awareness and knowledge of the characteristics, values, beliefs and behaviours of different cultures.
  • Cross-cultural Appreciation. This refers to the understanding and appreciation of the characteristics, values, beliefs and behaviours of different cultures.
  • Cross-cultural Astuteness. This refers to the ability to read into situations that are culturally rooted, react appropriately and work effectively across cultures. A culturally astute individual will be able to internalize, integrate and apply the skills and knowledge acquired to create cultural synergy when interacting with people of various cultures.
  • The Sense of Anchoredness. This refers to the understanding and appreciation of Singapore’s uniqueness and constraints, and greater sense of commitment and anchored to Singapore.


  1. The programme is anchored on the school’s 4As Framework:
  • Awareness. At Anderson, our students will interact with foreign students/scholars from other countries in their classes, as well as through structured activities like the International Friendship Day school performances/activities. Different subjects such as English, Mother Tongue Languages and Humanities subjects will also introduce students to culture-related issues. In this international and cosmopolitan environment in Anderson, our students will develop greater cultural awareness.
  • Appreciation. Through interaction with their foreign friends in their classes and hosting overseas students in their classes and homes (including students from our partner schools), our Singaporean students will gain a better appreciation of the characteristics, values, beliefs and behaviour of different cultures.
  • Astuteness. Our students will develop greater cross-cultural sensitivity and astuteness when they interact with their foreign friends in their classes, host overseas students, travel overseas on student exchange programmes and learning journeys and collaborate with overseas schools. Learning activities, reflection worksheets, the pre-trip and post-trip reflection will help maximise learning and enable students to develop greater cultural astuteness. Our culturally astute students will be able to read into situations that are culturally rooted, react appropriately and work effectively across cultures. There are the internalisation, integration and transformation of the skills and information acquired by the individual in order to create cultural synergy.
  • Anchoredness. Learning and reflection tasks during school-based activities, student-exchange programmes and overseas learning journeys will maximise students’ learning. The reflection and the cross-cultural comparison will allow our students to have a greater appreciation of Singapore’s uniqueness, constraints, vulnerabilities, achievements. It will also instil a sense of pride and belonging to the country.


  1. The key internationalisation activities for students include

  • Local learning journeys;
  • School-based activities and programmes on culture-related issues;
  • Overseas student exchange programmes;
  • Hosting of foreign students in Anderson


  1. The school will ensure that all students are exposed to global cultures through student-exchange programme activities, hosting of foreign students within the school, and other school-based activities (e.g. International Friendship Day and lesson discussions).
  2. Students who have not been on overseas learning journeys will be given priority during the selection process, subject to student suitability and availability of places.
  3. Needy students who are interested in overseas trips and require financial assistance for overseas learning journeys should check with the teachers-in-charge of the specific trips on subsidy details and application process.