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PSG Activities 2016

Anderson Annual Food Fair 2016


The Anderson Food Fair 2016 “Bon Appetit” was held on 16 May 2016. The canteen was closed on that day and the enthusiastic parents of Andersonians came into action! With months of preparation by Food Fair Committee members, parents armed with love and passion gave our students, teachers and staff a delicious spread of food, including many home cooked meals and refreshing drinks. The troop of parents decorated the canteen and set up Chinese, Malay, Vegetarian, Exotic, Snacks and Drink stalls. Well-liked food such as spaghetti, curry chicken udon, laksa, fried chicken wings, fruit jelly and steamed corn were some of the items on the menu. Cold soft drinks, cordials and green/lemon tea were up for grabs at a very “cool” price. 
The Anderson Food Fair Committee and the PSG@Anderson would like to thank all Andersonians and teachers for coming and making the Food Fair 2016 such a great success. We specifically want to thank our parents including some PSG alumni who supported us through their generous donations and precious time. After all, the proceeds from the food fair will go for a good cause for our school’s needy students. Our hearts overflow with gratitude to everyone involved in making this such a great event. Thank you everyone! See you in Food Fair 2017.


Racial Harmony Day - 20 & 21 July 2016PSG_RacialHarmony.jpg

Parent/Child Bonding : Terrarium Workshop - 1 October 2016


Parent/Child Bonding : Clay Moulding Workshop - 22 October 2016


Parent/Child Bonding : Zumba Session - 22 October 2016

Parent/Child Bonding through Zumba October 2016