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PSG Activities 2017

Calendar for 2017 Events

1. 14 January 2017, SaturdayCCA Open House / PSG Recruitment Drive 
2. 11 March 2017, Saturday Meet The Principal 
3. 27 May 2017, SaturdayParent / Child Bonding Activity 
4. 21 July 2017, FridayRacial Harmony Day
5. 28 August 2017, MondayTeacher's Day Celebration
6. 14 October 2017, SaturdayParent / Child Bonding Activity 
7. NovemberMeet The Principal 

Meet The Principal: 11 March 2017

Parent/Child Bonding Activity in School: The Amazing Race – 27 May 2017, Saturday


Wow, what a close shave event.  We had 10 parents and children signed up to form the invincible pairs. Event was held on 20 May 2017 (Saturday) and started off at the school canteen at 9am.  Teams were briefed by trainers followed by a morning 5BX by PSG Vice Chair, Josey.  Muscles were loosening and teams making out small but smart strategy chats.

Mission was to solve 10 riddles about the school ranging from the humble beginnings of the school (Heritage Hub) to what happens at the bomb shelter to the solar panel above the main school building. 

About 8 PSG Excos were deployed at strategic spots to oversee the movements of these teams.  Finally after much perspiration and tired legs the first team arrived just within the hour and the rest followed fast and furious.

A short reflection time followed.  Some had to say “I usually just drop off my kids at the main gate.  Little did I knew there was so much that my child and I found out about the uniqueness of this school”  Some pupils even felt that this exciting exercise actually heightened their sense of belonging with the school and they themselves thought it was just too easy at first but felt otherwise at the end.

Prizes were awarded to the top 3 teams as well as Certificate of Participation to all teams.

Champion:  Vivien Yip and Lee Jia Xin 

Ist Runners : Gomathi Muthiah and Shreya Deivanai Muthiah

2nd Runners Up : 

Bernard Teo and Teo Xin Yun Celine

Prabagaran Balasundaran and Varshini

Our dear Principal Mrs Tan invited parents to take a walk through the vegetable garden (seriously we didn’t know there was one… “Malu”) and gave a pep talk on the changes that the school will see in the coming months.

The morning ended with a sumptuous spread cooked by our ever wonder Muslim chef. Lots of happy exchanges and many felt that the moments could be cherished by many more parents.  At PSG we sincerely hope and encourage more parents to have fun, take part in the fourth coming events to be organized by 2017 PSG Excos .  To all who were there PSG salutes you.

Our EXCO Members had a wonderful time bonding together celebrating Hari Raya at Siti's Place on 8 July 2017, Saturday


PSG Members celebrating Speech Day on 14 July 2017, Friday

Our Parents celebrated Racial Harmony Day on 21 July 2017, Friday


Racial Harmony Day on 21 July 2017, Friday

We Celebrated Teachers' Day With the Happiest Breakfast Meal on 28 August 2017, Monday


Parent - Child Bonding Through Copper Tooling on 14/10/17, Saturday

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