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The English and Literature Department aims to develop confident speakers and critical thinkers who respect and empathise with others. This is achieved through the implementation of a rigorous English curriculum and various language-related activities organised for Andersonians.

By the end of their Secondary school experience, Andersonians should possess intellectual curiosity and mental agility. Not only will they be well-informed about world and local affairs, they will have the ability to evaluate and synthesise information critically.


Head of Department

Ms Khoo Poh Leng (khoo_poh_leng@moe.edu.sg)

Subject Head

Ms Tan Kiak Ping Anne (tan_kiak_ping_anne@moe.edu.sg)

Head of Department (Partnerships)

Mrs Sabariah Ashari (sabariah_mohd_yusoff@moe.edu.sg)

Year Head (Upper Secondary)

Mr Stephen Ng Ching Enn (ng_ching_enn@moe.edu.sg)

Senior Teachers

Mrs Caroline Lawrence (caroline_patricia_thomas@moe.edu.sg)

Mr Kelvin Lim (lim_kelvin@moe.edu.sg)


Mdm Fadilah Yusran Nur (nur_fadilah_yusran@moe.edu.sg)

Mrs Goh Li Jun Winnie (chang_li_jun_winnie@moe.edu.sg)

Mrs Trixie Goh (ong_piak_yun@moe.edu.sg)

Ms Karen Kang Hong Lin (kang_hong_lin_karen@moe.edu.sg)

Ms Lim Shan (lim_shan@moe.edu.sg)

Mrs Pamela Raj (pamela_priya@moe.edu.sg)

Mdm Soh Wan Ting (Soh_Wan_Ting@moe.edu.sg)

Ms Tan Wei Ern Pearlin (tan_wei_ern_pearlin@moe.edu.sg)

Ms Tan Yin Wei (tan_yin_wei@moe.edu.sg)

Ms Petrina Wong (wong_li_yi@moe.edu.sg)

Ms Yeow Swee Li (yeow_swee_li@moe.edu.sg)

Adjunct Teacher

Ms Goh Mei Hui (goh_mei_hui@moe.edu.sg)

Subjects offered by Department

English Language

Lower Secondary Literature

Upper Secondary Literature (Elective)

Upper Secondary Literature 

English Reading Programme

“It is not enough to simply teach children to read; we have to give them something worth reading. Something that will stretch their imaginations – something that will help them make sense of their own lives and encourage them to reach out toward people whose lives are quite different from their own.” - Katherine Paterson

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(English Reading Programme)

Unlike a computer update, we are unable to simply download the latest happenings around the world into our brains. The only way to keep our students in touch with the world outside is by getting them to read, consistently and purposefully.

As part of our Reading Programme that takes place every Tuesday and Wednesday morning, students are exposed to articles that span a wide variety of themes – from education to sports to technology, as well as current issues like inclusiveness and social inequality. They also delve into global issues pertaining to refugees and conservation.

Through these readings, we aim to develop our students not just into competent readers, but also critical and empathetic thinkers. It is integral that they read reflectively in order to grow as a thinker. Hence, the readings are always accompanied with probing questions that allow them to engage actively with what they are reading and make connections to their own lives. 

Oral Communication Programme 

In Anderson, our students experience a rigorous four year Oral Communication programme that aims to build their confidence in public speaking. Through completing an oracy task every semester, students will have a greater awareness of Purpose, Audience and Context (PAC) in both speech and writing. Additionally, they will have a safe platform where they can address the audience with the appropriate variations in voice quality, accurate pronunciation and articulation, and appropriate rhythm and stress.

In Lower Secondary, students will complete oracy tasks that are related to their lives and interests. These tasks will culminate in ‘Show and Tell’ speech presentations, podcasts and videos.

In Upper Secondary, students are required to select a global issue that they would like to champion or create greater awareness on and present it to the class. The issues that students have chosen to engage with are varied such as cyberbullying, building a national identity, reducing the use of plastics, artificial intelligence and many more.

Drama based on Reading 

All Secondary 1 and 2 Normal Academic and Normal Technical students are exposed to our drama programme based on reading. In these two years of fun-filled drama games and activities, students are provided the opportunity to step into the world of their Literature texts through process drama.

Drama based on Reading.jpg

(Drama based on Reading) 

Andersonians are equipped with real-world skills such as, critical thinking, problem solving, public speaking and teamwork. Inevitably, students become more confident presenters and curious thinkers. 

Literature & Drama: School Theatre Trips

To expose students to the Arts and cultivate a love for language and theatre, 2NA and 2NT students as well as Upper Secondary Literature students are provided with the opportunity to watch age-appropriate theatre performances. The performances differ every year and take on a variety of formats such as forum theatre and black box theatre. Our Andersonians will have the opportunity to step into the shoes of the protagonists, and explore the human condition and pertinent issues related to our society. 

In recent years, students have watched plays such as ACT 3’s production of ‘The Little Prince’, Necessary Stage’s production of Haresh Sharma’s well-loved plays, ‘Off-Centre’ and ‘Those who can’t, Teach’ and Necessary Stage’s Shakespeare in the Park production of William Shakespeare’s ‘Julius Caesar’.

Secondary 3 Theatre Trip to watch Eat Duck2019.jpg

(The Secondary 3 Theatre Trip to watch 'Eating Duck')

Participation in the National Schools Literature Festival (NSLF) 

The National Schools Literature Festival is the biggest literary festival for students in Singapore and has provided a powerful platform to develop students’ passion and love for literature. Anderson Secondary School participates in this festival annually, enrolling teams of students in various activities such as staging a book trailer, choral reading and debating.

NSLF 2019 - Students enacting a book trailer.jpg

(NSLF 2019 - Students enacting a book trailer)

In 2019, some of our 2E & 3E students participated in the following categories and were awarded the following awards:

1.     Choral Reading (Bronze)

2.     Book Trailer (Second place)

3.     Set Text Debate

4.     Unseen Poetry debate (Winning team)

Students who participated in the National Schools Literature Festival 2019.jpeg

(Students who participated in the National Schools Literature Festival 2019)