Mother Tongue

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Passionate, competent and lifelong learners of Mother Tongue Language and Culture


Developing and inspiring Andersonians to advocate learning and appreciation of their Mother Tongue Language and Culture.


Head of Department (Mother Tongue Language)

  • Mr Tay Peng Cheng Eric (

Subject Head (Chinese Language)
  • Dr Wang Zhi Wei (

Head of Department (Character & Citizenship Education) 
  • Mr Goh Yoon Keong (

Chinese Teachers

  • Mdm Aw Sean Ling (
  • Ms Gao Wei Wei (
  • Mdm Liu Jingbo (
  • Ms Liu Yirui (
  • Ms Zhang Liya (
  • Mr Benedict Ng Min Zhong (

Malay Teachers

  • Mdm Asnah Asrap (
  • Ms Mardhiah Binti Mohamed Said (
  • Mdm Noorlizasabariah Bte Ramli (
  • Mdm Rafidah Binte Abd Razak (
  • Ms Syazwani Binte Mohamad Roslan (
  • Ms Filzatul Azreen Gazali (

Tamil Teachers

  • Mr Ilango Rama Appaswamy (
  • Mrs Grace Priya ( 
  • Mdm Pandimeenal Ramaiah (
Adjunct Teacher
  • Mr Gregory Boo (Chinese Language) (
Relief Teacher
  • Mrs Thuraimanickam Jayajothi (Tamil Language) (

Subjects offered by Department

  1. Higher Mother Tongue Languages
  2. Mother Tongue Language
  3. Basic Mother Tongue Languages
  4. Literature in Malay (Elective)

Key programmes of Department

Mother Tongue Languages(MTL) Fortnight

We have adopted a structured approach such that different levels of students will be exposed to different aspects of their culture:
Sec 1: Performing Arts
Sec 2: Food
Sec 3: Traditional games
Sec 4: Language activities

Student Docent Programme

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Students taking Higher Chinese will have an opportunity to be trained as docents for the Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall and the Gan Heritage Centre.

EMAS Programme

ML 2.jpg

As an EMAS (Elective Programme in Malay Language for Secondary School) School, our Higher Malay students are exposed to many opportunities to improve their language skills and enhance their knowledge on the Malay culture and tradition through enrichment programmes organised by Malay Language Learning and Promotion Committee (MLLPC).

ML Twinning Programme

Through the Twinning Programme with Sekolah Menengah Sultan Abdul Halim (Kedah), our Malay Language students have the opportunity to develop a global perspective.

Awards and Achievements of Department

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Story Telling Competition
Wang Qiu Lin - 4/1

Sahibba Competition organised by Bishan Park Secondary School and MLLPC
North Zone Category - Champion
National Category - 1st Runner Up

Sahibba Competition organised by N3 cluster @ Pei Hwa Secondary

1st Runner Up for Lower Sec Category

Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) Kem Obor
Champions for 2017

RI Tamil Literary Competitions 2018

Essay Writing Competition

Sec 2 Level

Consolation prize

Murugu Sundaram Jeevan - Class 2/3

WhatsApp Image 2018-06-05 at 11.38.24 AM.jpeg

RI Tamil Literary Competitions 2018

Oratorical Competition

Lower Sec

Consolation prize

Anand Pranav - Class 2/3

RI Tamil Literary Competitions 2018

Essay Writing Competition

Sec 3 Level

Consolation prize

Ria Xavier - Class 3/5

Tamil Writers Association

Tamil Competitions 2018

Story Writing Competition

Third Prize

SA Aarthie - Class 4/3