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Physical Education

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Healthy Andersonians who engage in sports for life.


Promoting a lifelong healthy lifestyle through physical activity and proper nutrition through fun and exciting activities.


Head of Department

Mr Indrajit Singh (indrajit_singh@moe.edu.sg)

Senior Teacher

Mr Sivanesan Vmakesan (sivanesan_vmakesan@moe.edu.sg)


Mr Leong Kwong Tine Ken (leong_kwong_tine@moe.edu.sg)

Mr Low Mingsheng Benedict (low_mingsheng_benedict@moe.edu.sg)

Mr Neo Eng Hup Edward (neo_eng_hup@moe.edu.sg)

Mr Tang Wei Chuen Gary (tang_wei_chuen_gary@moe.edu.sg)

Mr Teo Siang Yang (teo_siang_yang@moe.edu.sg)

Subjects offered by Department

  1. Physical Education

Key programmes of Department

PE Programme

Using a modular system, through the Games Concept Approach (GCA), Andersonians learn a range of sports across the major categories of sports (invasion, target, striking/fielding & net barrier).

Our use of the GCA approach encourages the development of both psychomotor and thinking skills in the learning of a sport. In addition, we also aim to develop the child emotionally and affectively, by incorporating character development into our lessons.

PE Assessment

To measure the effectiveness of the PE programme, students are assessed in the Physical and Affective domain in addition to the Cognitive domain. In the Physical domain, students are required to demonstrate motor skills and teamwork which they have learnt during PE lessons. In the Affective domain, students are credited or penalised based on positive or negative behaviour displayed during PE.

Sports Events and Outdoor Activities


Andersonians get to participate in intra-school sports activities during the in the Annual Cross Country, Sports Carnival, Secondary 3 Adventure Camp and Sports Education Programme. 

The Annual Cross Country is held at various running locations around Singapore. In recent years, Andersonians got to run and compete at locations such as Marina Bay, Bishan Park, Macritchie Reservoir and Sengkang Riverside Park.

During the Annual Sports Carnival, students get to compete and play sports they have learnt during PE lessons. The Secondary 3 Adventure Camp cultivates the spirit of teamwork and resilience in our students through outdoor experience. It also helps our students to experience the schools core values in action. Students also get to try out various sports not taught during PE lessons such as Archery, Golf and Tchoukball during post exam activities under the Sports Education Programme.