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Recreational Sports

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Conceived as an alternative CCA to cater to students who prefer more casual sports activities and had an interest in functional fitness, our Sports and Recreation Club has grown steadily in numbers since its inception in 2015. Our fitness niche activities include bodyweight calisthenics and CrossFit, which help to inculcate in our members a deeper appreciation of the importance of properly-maintained fitness routines. They’re also regulars on the National Vertical Marathon circuit, an annual stair-climbing competition that tests the limits of their endurance and determination. Training is tough, but it only serves to strengthen the bonds between our members, as well as to prove to them that with time, consistency and determination, they will always keep improving.

On the recreational activity front, our members are specialists in target-based sports such as archery tag, where we have been placed in the top 3 in the ITE-MOE Archery Tag Championships since 2017. Also, armed with an arsenal of NERF Rival blasters, the club aims to introduce the concept of the NERF Rival League to the student body. These team-based activities help our members work on their leadership and communication skills, as they come up with battle plans and execute them on the field to achieve various objectives. With their creed of “Undaunted, Unyielding, Unbreakable,” our boys will continue to grow, steadily but surely.