(Boys & Girls)
We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore is not an action but a habit.” aptly reflects essence of Wushu, a contemporary Chinese martial arts that blends elements of performance and martial application. Originating from various schools of traditional Chinese martial arts dating thousands of years back, Wushu strengthens both the body and mind of students as its routines require a highly precise coordination of the hand, eye, body, foot and form of movement that can only be achieved through constant and rigorous practice.

Rituals found in Wushu such as, 抱拳拱手 - greeting and saluting instructors and teachers by cupping one hand over the other holding them in front of the chest, help to inculcate traditional Chinese values like respect for their elders, in students. As both an individual and team sport, it enables our students to develop a keener sense of community and teaches them teamwork. These qualities that Wushu cultivates are fully aligned with our school’s motto as well as our ANDE values – ‘with constancy and purpose’ and ‘Excellence in our endeavours’ respectively. Wushu is not just a CCA, it is a way of life.

In 2018, our team’s indefatigable spirit and singular drive for excellence has allowed it to come in second overall in the C Division (Boys) category and fourth overall in C Division (Girls) category at the annual National Inter-school Wushu Championships.