The goal of Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) is to inculcate values and build competencies in our students. With the strong emphasis of values inculcation in mind, we named our CCE lessons, ANDE lessons (ANDE is the acronym of our school values: cAring in action, Noble in character, Daring in our dreams, Excellent in all our endeavours).

In Anderson Secondary School, our ANDE lessons not only consist of MOE prescribed lessons such as Cyberwellness lessons, Education and Career Guidance lessons and Sexuality Education. Riding on the core concept of CCE: Identity, Relationships and Choices, we also have school-based CCE lessons such as lessons on Values-in-Action planning and reflection, Target Setting & Time Management.

To complement the ANDE lessons, our assembly programme, known as Education for Life (EFL) also plays a part. During EFL, we have a series of programmes that will further enhance the values and competencies taught. For example, we have assembly talks by HPB which highlights issues such as stress management, students’ sharing on the learning of the Values-in-Action project, FM98.7 DJs sharing on how to deal with peer pressure.

Through these, we hope to paint a more holistic picture of nurturing each Andersonian.

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VIA and Service Learning

In alignment to our school vision of nurturing “Thinkers, Innovators and Leaders who make a difference for the greater good”, we look at developing students who are active and concerned in giving back to the community.

Service Learning and/or Values – in – Action (VIA) are platforms structured for Andersonians to put into practice the knowledge and competencies that they have acquired through various school wide programmes. Through these VIA platforms, Andersonians will be able to sharpen their leadership skills, and appreciate the difference they can make to the community of under-privileged in the school, and the nation.

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Student Leadership

Just as every child has the ability to learn, we believe that every Andersonian has the potential to be a leader. Every Andersonian is given the chance to fulfil his leadership potential, be it through being a project leader, class leader, CCA leader or leaders of various student leader groups. Guided by Kouzes and Posner’s leadership framework: The Leadership Challenge (TLC), Andersonians capitalise on these various leadership opportunities to develop their leadership skills.

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