Elective Programme for Malay Language in Secondary School

Being an Elective Programme for Malay Language in Secondary School (EMAS) centre, the Malay Language Unit also provides an opportunity for students to speak and use the language in an environment that promotes an exclusive use of the language. Through a variety of language, cultural and literary activities, the programme aims to enhance students’ overall proficiency in the language and create a deep interest in developing and appreciating the Malay culture.

The Malay Language Elective Programme students actively participated in various cultural activities such as the Sec 3 Malay Literature Script Writing Workshop and Dialogue session with writers. This has enhanced their understanding of Malay literature and developed the students’ love for reading.

EMAS Activities @ ANDSS

All levels: MTL fortnight programme

Sec 1: Traditional poems (Syair and pantun) workshop

               EMAS Language Camp

Sec 2: Script writing and theater workshop and introductory to Debate workshop

                EMAS overseas immersion programme

Sec 3: Short story writing workshop, EMAS Symposium and Debate training for competition

Sec 4: Public speaking workshop, EMAS symposium

MLEP (Malay language Elective Program)

MTL fortnight Program (awareness on literature)

Watch Theater performance

Pahlawan Panggung Theater performance

Dialogue session with writers

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