The Elementz Science Project Competition and Exhibition is an annual science fair for North Zone primary and lower secondary students. Every year, more than 100 teams compete in the various levels. In addition to the usual fanfare this year, the STEM@Anderson Showcase also made her debut during the week-long festivities.

17th Elementz

Our judges for Elementz.jpg
Cluster students showcasing their work 1.jpg
Cluster students showcasing their work  2.jpg
Cluster students showcasing their work  3.jpg

STEM@Anderson Showcase

The STEM@Anderson Showcase was started as part of the school’s effort to showcase students’ work in the area of STEM education.

Sec 1 students' flotation devices.jpg
Secondary 1 students showcase their engineering skills in their construction of flotation devices using recycled materials

F 1 Model Racing.jpg
Cluster schools try their hands at F1 model racing

Our Science Talent Class students coach cluster students electronic kite flying

Robotics 1.jpg
Robotics 2.jpg
Our Robotics club members showing their robots to students from our cluster.